Saturday, 31 August 2013

Shake Weight

Losing the Wobble Arms!

My kids have the greatest sense of humour. 

We do spend a lot of time laughing together.

We were in the car yesterday when my middle son had me in stitches without even realising why. We were talking about how it was a little bit sad that we didn't have another younger child to watch grow up now. Our youngest is 6 and everything with her is now the last time . We were reminiscing about what she used to call her brothers when she was small. 

She said she would like a younger sister. I said, "No mummy is too old to have another baby now darling." To which my middle son replied...

"Yes, that's why we are getting a puppy!"

I don't know why, but it made me laugh and I am still laughing. 

This summer should have been a difficult, crazy summer with all the building work going on, but the sun has shone and that has meant we have not been stuck in the house. 

For those of you who live in climates where you get consistent weather I envy you. 

It makes such a difference.

I could happily keep my kids off school for longer and carry on with this chilled out existence until the weather breaks. It looks set to continue this week.

Enough rambling!

One of the things the kids have taken to teasing me about, that I am not so happy with, is my arms. I do have strong arms from many years of horse riding and from lifting 3 kids, but as I have have got older they have become less toned. They have a name for me.......

Wobble arms

But I suppose it is better than what they call their Dad........

Flubber belly


A little while ago I mentioned that I had started a toning up routine. I will be honest and say that I haven't been the best at it over the summer, but I am getting back into it now with a vengeance. I have struggled with cooking on one ring and have relied on a lot of carbs and seem to have gained a few pounds . I got this shake weight gadget from Tesco for toning up the arms - it comes with a dvd which takes just 6 mins each morning to do.

I find it easy to incorporate this into what I do and have noticed that the wobble arms are less wobbly! I think there is a more expensive version of this and this is a dupe of the real thing, but it works for me. I wasn't sent this to review. I went to the large Tescos 20 miles from us to get it specially - thats how keen I am to get rid of those wobble arms. Here is the super toned look I will achieve when I have done this workout for 50 million years.

I'll show those kids! They'll be thinking of a new name for me yet!!

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  1. This looks good, just what I need for my Russian Shot Putters arms as OH calls them!
    Like you, I could keep Charlie off forever, I hate this time of year, makes me feel funny when they go back to school. You'd think I would be used to it by now with my eldest being 24! x

    1. I always feel they are safe with me at home where I can keep an eye on them! I never like it either. X

  2. This sounds good, I could manage 6 minutes a day. I use a large Tesco nearby all the time, I wonder if there's a gadget for my 'body wobble'?!

  3. Yep - as you know Claire we ended up getting that puppy! This looks like a great gadget for when I can't get to body pump (which I haven't for ages!). I feel exactly the same as you and Sharron - don't want the holidays to end - I've really enjoyed having the kids at home and just bobbing about together in our own time! xx

  4. I kind of want the kids to go back (for my sanity) and I kind of don't as I've enjoyed the chilled out mornings and just pottering around with them. And it is kind of sad as George starts school in a few days time and that's it .

    As for the arms - I need one of those gadgets. I should have read this before I went to Tescos this morning.

  5. Don't suppose they have a magic gadget for a wobbly tummy, do they?!!!!

  6. I shouldn't smile but this did make me smile a little. Don't kids come out with the funniest things :) xx

  7. Flubber belly, love it! (At least that was said to your hubby and not you!) This looks interesting as I need to do something about my bingo wings, they have a life all of their own! x

  8. How cool is this!

    P.S. I'm back :).

  9. I must have a look out for that in Tesco!Have a good week Claire:)
    ~Anne xx

  10. Hi there! This looks a cool gadget, I must use the arm weights I bought in the holidays!!

  11. I think Dad's got it worse with the name :) I hope you're enjoying your weights xx