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Beauty Routines Part Two

Moisturisers and Serums

This is part two of my series on Routines. You can find Part one " Cleansers and Toners " here.

One of the reasons I get a monthly beauty box is so that I can try different products out and keep my beauty routine up to date and my skin in good condition. As I said in my last post ....

It is important to me.

My mum has not got good skin now and I suspect I will have inherited some of her genes . She did spend years frying herself in the sun so her skin is badly pigmented, but is also very lined and dry. I love my Mum, but I don't think she was ever taught to look after her skin. 

Research shows that the most aging thing on skin is not wrinkles and lines as we think, but pigmentation. Lines and Wrinkles are a natural sign of ageing and are part of your journey and life. If you look after your skin you can make sure that these are not occuring prematurally and that scarring and pigmentation is not showing on your skin either.

As I said in my previous post, I was of that era where suncream was not applied much as a child so I do have some pigmentation from the sun. I have found an amazing little product that has almost got rid of this completely and evened out my skin tone in a quite dramatic way. 

It is Pepta Bright by Indeed. See my review here. I apply this just every night now, but at first did so morning and night! I do agree that with a more even skin tone it takes the pressure off the appearance of wrinkles. I am trying to accept the aging process that seems to speed up once you hit 40. I would quite happily not accept the frown lines and lines around my mouth, but for some reasons the laughter lines don't bother me! 

So after that long preamble onto the moisturisers.

When I have cleansed my face I apply moisturisers, serums and treatments.


  • Dermalogica skin smooting Cream - I always have a tube of this on the go. This is my one consistent product that my skin loves. It has no fragrance and is just perfect.
  • Dermalogica skin hydrating booster - this gives my skin  a boost of moisture when needed. It has  a concentrated blend of hyaluronic acid and panthenol glycolipids with algae extract. It really plumps the skin up. I have been using these two demalogica products for years.
  • Clinque super defense spf25 daily moisturiser . I got this as a free sample so am using it up. I don't usually use moisturisers with a SPF is as it seems to me they are then trying to do two jobs. I like a moisturiser to concentrate on it's job. I get a separate suncream.
  • Carole Franck Phytp Hydrotant face cream - a sample from my birch box. I love this and may buy the full size when I'm finished. It is a lightweight cream for day use.
  • Ren night cream - sample - am trying these out off the front of a magazine. Lovely so far!
  • Ren day cream- same again!


Dermalogica - My go to products

Serums and Treatments 

  • Pepta - Bright by indeed. I apply this at night only now. 
  • Hydraluron by indeed. This gives your skin a pure dose of hyaluronic acid and helps it to absorb 1000 times more moisture. See my review here. I apply this in the morning after cleansing and toning , but before moisturisers.
  • Estee Lauder night repair serum. This is a sample. I would repurchase this. A remodel of this is coming out that already has received rave reviews. I am on the list to get this in August!
  • Clarins double serum. I am trying a seven day sample of this, but at the moment am finding it a little heavy for me.

Serums and Hydraluron and Pepta bright

Eye creams

  • Sundari Chamomile eye oil
  • Wei white lotus eye blend
  • Ren radiant eye gel
  • Hydro dynamic eye cream
These are all samples that I have been rotating . I find that before I commit to buying I get another sample to use and so never end up having to make a decision about which eye cream to buy!
I adore the Wei eye cream, but it is a little expensive in a full size.

Eye Creams


My routine in the morning after cleansing is:


I use a separate suncream to moisturiser. I agree that they do different things. If you look for a moisturiser with a SPF you are really just paying for an expensive suncream. I think it is better to buy a great moisturiser and a separate suncream that will do the job it is meant to do.
I am using this at the moment. It is a factor 50+ . I know some people say it is not necessary to use such a high factor on your face as we need a bit of sun. I feel too vulnerable about sun damage on my face so will stick with this and let the sun get to the rest of me instead! This is not greasy and soaks in well so it does not interfere with make up application.

Suncream for the face - factor 50+


My evening routine after double cleansing and toning is:

Eye Cream
Pepta- bright
Hydrating booster oil

Moisturisers and serums are a minefield. There is just so much choice it can be befuddling. I have brands that I trust and return to time and time again when my skin is not behaving. Dermalogica is one of these. If my skin is dry or irritated I return to a simple routine using mainly Dermalogica products. The skin smoothing cream is a hard product to beat .

As with other products , I always ask for samples to try before I commit to buy.

I am still to find a day serum that I really love and adore - all suggestions gratefully received . I love trying out new products!

What are your favourite moisturisers and serums?

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  1. Hi there- a really helpful post with lots of tips about the various brands, thanks for sharing! Have a great week xx

    1. I am a bit of a product junkie, but my skin has improved because of it - I think!!

  2. You have some lovely products on the go Claire! I'm yet to try Dermalogica and am intrigued by the Ren products - both are on my list to try. Have heard the Estee Lauder serum has much improved - so that'll be another on the list - there's no end in sight! What's the Ren eye gel like? I love eye gels and serums! xx

    1. I do like the Ren eye gel - I'm yet to buy one though!! I have so much on my wish list . It can get really expensive - it is my weakness for sure :) XX

  3. Hi Claire great review THANKYOU! I have seen great things written about the pepta-bright and I have only been using indeed labs eyeslix and snoxcin for the past couple of weeks and while I am happy with the results (fading of very dark age/sun spots (also grew up in the time of not using SPF) fading which I was pleasantly surprised as this effect hadn't actually been promoted and unexpected...getting back to it... I have since seen several reviews on the pepta-bright and looked up indeed labs to have a read and it's not on their website and I am wondering if it is discontinued?? Hopefully u can answer me Claire as I really would love to get rid of the spots I have as I totally agree with ur take on skin and ageing and that the pigmentation is the most ageing aspect and considering the snoxcin is helping to 'fade' them I really want to get my hands on the pepta-bright which is designed to get rid of them (if the snoxcin has worked I can only imagine how good this one is!!) . Fingers crossed ATM :)

    1. Hi Helen - they are still selling it in Boots as far as I know. I got another one this week whilst I was camping as all their products are a 1/3 off at the moment - a great time to stock up so I got both the ones I use !! I've tried a few other products, but have never found anything that worked as well as this one so I think it is certainly worth a try! I'm really sold on this brand now and may be tempted to try more from the range as well - thanks for your lovely comment and good luck finding some! XX

    2. I'm in Australia so no boots :( don't know why it's not on the indeed lab website. Well il keep hoping!! A beautiful serum (tho expensive) is Juriliqie's Herbal recovery gel which is so lightweight but feels so hydrating. It's quite magical using it!! They have diff ones depending on skin needs, they have one for age spots etc. I used to use all their products but can't afford them ATM. I did get some samples recently and have felt so uplifted using it. On the wishlist!!

  4. Hi Claire, sorry for so many questions but I have saved ur routines and have been referring back to them when I repurchase or buy something new as they are so helpful. 1) do u use the dermalogica hydration booster in the same routine as indeed labs hydrolauron ? 2) in a few blogs I've read re routines (incl the famous Mrs Hirons) they say to use the hydrolauron after serums before ur moisturiser, now I would have thought it would be under serums as I think that's what u have suggested also.. I have only just purchased the hydrolauron and came back to try work out at what stage is the best to use it? 3) I'm also hoping u will be able to explain to me the following ( I appologise for my long comments) if many serums contain silicones and silicones sit on the skin what benefits do they give? If they sit ontop do they interfere with the absorption of moisturisers or anything else for that matters that we apply ontop of the serums? Thanks in advance, love ur posts :)

    1. HI Helen - No worries! I'll answer what I can!
      1) I don't tend to use them together , only because the booster contains hyaluronic acid too so it is not needed. If my skin is really dry I might add a bit after hydraluron as a serum if I felt it would help, but I don't remember doing it yet!
      2)I use it directly after cleansing and toning, before serums and moisturisers. It increases whatever you put on afterwards by 1000 times. A lot of serums and the like contain silicones ( even dermalogica) .These can seal moisture in and it is debated that they prevent anything else you put on top being absorbed too. I read an answer to a readers question, that Caroline gave to this question and she seemed to suggest first too. She is a really good resource - I often refer to what she says and buy the products she suggests.
      3) Silicones are a minefield! They are everywhere - skincare, haircare , beauty products etc. There are so many debates about them. I think it is a case of try and avoid them if you can, but if you have found a skincare/beauty routine that works well, but has for example dimethicone or methicone in ( which are common and allowed silicones) and your skin seems to love, then stick with it.. Silicone is occlusive - it covers the skin and keeps moisture in. It fills fine lines and covers scars - that is why most primers and foundations contain it! The Estee Lauder night serum that I am loving at the moment has cut back big time on the silicones it uses and is all the better for it. If you are concerned or doubtful I would look for a serum at least than has minimal silicone content in it. I may do a post on silicones in September as a few people have concerns including myself about how and when to avoid them!

      It sounds like you are doing all the right things and working out what is the best for your skin! Let me know what you think of the hydraluron!

      Claire x

    2. Oh Claire THANKYOU so very much for ur quick response and helpful answers. I really do ( without sounding soppy!!) appreciate ur blog, ur writing style, the content and u always respond. Again thanks! I'm not sure if I used enough of the hydrolauron, how much would u estimate u use? A post on silicones would be amazing. While its great to read product reviews, the info I love to read is about routines, ingrediants and the pros and cons of diff substances and the like! Love your work, Helen xx

    3. You are very kind! Thank you. I tend to use about the size of my baby finger nail. I did find it took a while to really see a consistent difference in my skin after starting to use this, but it certainly is now consistently less dry, more moisturised and "glowing" . Once the kids are back at school I will be writing a bit more regularly!! XX