Thursday, 20 September 2012

Caring For Your Clothes Part 2.

 Bloggers tips!

Following on from my previous post on 'Caring For Your Clothes' I thought it would be a good idea to do a follow up with the ideas that some of you wonderful people suggested in the comments.

 I have been able to buy a few lovely items this Autumn and I am determined to treat my clothes with a bit of respect. However, the start to this term has felt like being hit by a ten tonne lorry as the emotional side of staring a new school has hit my pre teen boy. The early mornings I can cope with - I am actually a morning person , but it is the emotional side of it all that takes the time. 

He hates his new uniform and cajoling him into his shirt, tie and blazer every morning is a feat in itself and I am now pretty handy at tying a tie in record time! Once he is up and off however he is having a ball, loves the school ( especially the lunches as I can tell by my parent pay account!) and has made a bunch of new friends already.

So , back to the clothes. I cannot allow myself to adopt the attitude of my kids who still like to think that a 'floordrobe' is the best place to keep clothes, so in the best interest of my new Baujken Scarf, here are some more nuggets for Caring for your clothes:

1. Fasten up bras and zip up zippers etc before you pop them in the wash so they don't damage any other items of clothing. Courtesy of The Greek Housewife

2. When you purchase a new item of clothing, remove the spare buttons, staple to a piece of paper, label and store so you don't lose them. Courtesy of Follow Me Home

3. Turn items inside out when washing to protect them- especially those prone to piling or fading.

4. If you can, invest in a steamer. A shot of steam restores clothes and cuts down on washing. ( I purchased one with my Tesco vouchers when they had their double up offer on).

5. Have your coats and jackets dry cleaned at the end of the season so they are ready to go for next year. Courtesy of The Flaky Fashionista

6. Keep shoes in boxes for protection with a photo on the outside of the shoes within!

7. Polish shoes when warm - they absorb the polish so much better.

8. Put glass coke bottles wrapped in newspaper into your boots to help keep their shape and absorb moisture and odour. Courtesy of Follow me Home

9. Do not over wash clothes. It is just is more work for you ,not good for the clothes and wears them out more quickly.

10. Enjoy your clothes. Don't leave them hanging in the back of the wardrobe for a special occasion ! 

Any more hints for caring for your clothes gratefully received. Remember the better we look after them, the longer they will last us and better for the environment too. 


  1. Some great tips there! We are the other way round, Charlie is fine with his uniform as his primary school one was similar but also included a hat but the hour earlier every morning is killing us both!

  2. These tips are really great :), it's so nice to read them and see other people think like me. I enjoy your clothes :), actually I love my clothes.

  3. Hang in there. The beginning of school is always such a trying time. A kid with a good appetite, especially for school food is going to be just fine :)
    Thanks for posting my tips. I feel like a fashion diva now!! Haha. It's getting cooler here. You know what that means..Cardigan heaven!!

  4. All great tips! Love the idea of saving boxes and taking a pic of the shoes...I just don't think I have enough room for all those boxes...bigger closet please:) Haha.

    Also LOVE the tip about drycleaning before you put away for the season...I have done that for years and love knowing when I break out the coat/sweaters the following year that they are fresh and clean.
    Hope you are well!

  5. My Dad taught me always to polish new shoes before wearing them (with old fashioned polish) to 'weatherproof' them. I must say it seems to work, and on the one or two instances I've been lazy and not done it, the shoes have seemed to show signs of wear more quickly.

    Also, I always buy proper shaped wooden coat-hangers, the plastic shop ones can have rough edges which can snag more delicate fabrics.

  6. I adhere to the wear more than once before washing now. But I'm a lazy moo at hanging up clothes. I have a clothes mountain on the spare bed. I have a steamer, hand held and huge size and an iron press too. I'm just missing one of those kick ass steam generator irons to make up the numbers.

  7. Great tips I cannot promise to follow all but will try.

  8. Brilliant post - thanks for all those great tips. I am a big fan of not over washing ... it really helps, especially with jeans. My other tip is not to hang up your knitwear. It stretches them...fold instead! Avril x