Friday, 7 September 2012

My Style Rules.

What are Your Style Rules?

I am sure we all have different things that are important to us and make us feel content in the way we look. For some minimal is the way to go , for others perhaps a bit more effort is required, or needed! My Grandy had style, she probably wasn't that fashionable, but style is unique and about quality, care and effort.

Here are some of mine!!

1. One statement piece of jewellery is enough for me - I usually go for a statement necklace and matching earrings and leave it at that. I don't add in a load of bangles and rings . It just becomes overpowering and messy. Less is more.

2. I tend to roughly match my jewellery in some way - I feel 'unmatched' items look messy and uncoordinated. Even if it is tied together by colour or by theme e.g pearl or silver or colour it looks more 'together'. Although personally I don't particularly like things that are an exact match.

3. A coordinated scarf finishes off an outfit well. Pick colours from your outfit and match them with your scarf or go down the colour blocking route and go for contrast.

4. Invest in a couple of really good pairs of jeans. I usually have two different styles - a skinny and a bootcut. My favourites are Jonny Q as they do a size 9 and For all Mankind.

5. Find what style suits you and return to this often. Thinking of a word or two that describes your style and using this to help pick outfits can be useful.

6. Choose items that can be dressed up or down for flexibility. Wrap dresses are a great example.

7. When shopping I always think about what items I already have in my closet and put outfits together in my mind.

8. When shopping I try to complete an outfit in my mind - and when, I can I buy the jacket, shoes and jewellery !

9.For wardrobe staples such as basic T shirts , cami tops and simple knitwear - when I find a good fit, I buy in 2 or 3 different colourways to create more outfits.

10. I colour co ordinate my wardrobe. It makes getting ready so much quicker.

11. I do splurge on good quality, expensive, stand out items in my wardrobe, and save money on the things that I don't notice the difference on.

12. An outfit can be made to look much more expensive than it is, if it put together well.

13. Be unique - don't buy and wear something because  everybody else is!

14. I sell things I don't wear on e.bay - it will give you money to spend on renewing your wardrobe.

15. Establish the rules for what works and what doesn't work for you and keep those in mind when you shop.

16. If I don't love something, I don't get it.

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What are some of your style rules or are you a go with the flow kind of gal?


  1. I am still trying to create some style rules but I agree with everything you say although I do love silver jewellery and love wearing ear-rings, necklace and bangles together.

    1. I think you could carry it off too - I always feel overloaded so I keep it simple! Although I nearly always wear a scarf - funny , we all have the things that work for us! I adore the dresses you have in your collection too. I struggle to find a dress that really flatters me. x

  2. Since having my kids I seem to live in jeans, skinnies at the moment (either with boots,flip flops or pumps depending on the season), my mum often says it would be nice to see me in a dress/skirt! In my younger days I was a bit of a fashion victim (working in Top Shop years ago may have had something to do with that!). These days I don't like too much fuss going on especially when I have my specs on, just doesn't work for me. I have this bad habit of buying pieces for 'best' as we used to say and then hardly wearing the thing as the occasion never arises - so today I'm wearing my Zara jade green skinnies (see jeans again)for the school runs and shopping! I think basically if you like it, wear it and 'to the hills' with everyone else! There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable! I'm so sorry I could waffle on even more (but won't) - this is (another) one of the topics I could ramble on for ages over a coffee....!! xx

    1. I think if we ever meet we will talk for hours together!

  3. Ooooh! Got distracted by looking back at your post about selling on eBay. It's something I've never done (haven't bought on it either) and am now seriously tempted .. particularly when I saw that you had amassed over £400 towards an iPad. I think you may have inspired me Claire! Yep that's all I need ... even more time glued to the laptop!!!! Enjoy the weekend, x

  4. I also meant to say 'great post Claire!' - keep em coming! - in my earlier comment but got carried away waffling - as you know! x

  5. Interesting post! Even though Europeans are very fashion oriented I can't say I follow it blindly (not a fashion victim!) I like comfortable clothes that I accessorize with jewellery. I like the 'smart' look (chic) and classy but not boring. I'm don't do scarves, I like them on other people but I don't like them on me. Colour coordination is key! Sometimes, I like to incorporate a unique favorite piece from the 'past' and give it a modern look.

  6. I have roughly the same rules as you do, although I was more haphazard in the past. It was just hard to find things that I loved, so I settled for less in style and quality. Believe it or not, thrifting has taught me to be more discriminating....and I find things I love often.

  7. Good post!
    My rules would be: 1. Wear what suits you, even if the reverse is in 'fashion'. 2. Keep it simple. If you can remove one accessory from the finished look, it could improve it! :-)

  8. Buy what what you like - you should know what suits yourself best. If you question it, it's probably not right. Hence my green Zara jumper has gone back. That means there was doubt. Buy the best you can afford - if the cheap copy is not up to scratch - leave it. You'll end up with a cheap garment and spend again on what you really wanted. I'm just waffling as usual :o) and I don't like overly matched outfits. I like a little something to rough up the mix - it always makes my friends talk.

  9. What great tips! You are dead on for sure:)
    I have a few rules I live by...but also like to take a few fun fashion risks each season...and if they are "misses" well my mantra is ...they are only clothes! I try to instill this with my personal shopping clients too....telling them to spend 85 percent of their seasonal wardrobe budget on great classic go to pieces that will last them for a few years...and then 15 percent on fun pieces that are trendy and of the moment..but add some interest to classic looks.
    Hope you are well.
    Best always.

    1. Thats such good advice - I so often buy something I think is such a bargain and then so regret it when it falls apart within a week!

  10. Great advice - especially the bit about buying stuff in multiple colours. I've done that a few times! Avril x