Friday, 14 September 2012

What are Your Style Rules ?

Part Two.

My last post on my style rules had some great comments, from some lovely people that I felt were too good not to share. So here we are with some extra style 'rules' that people apply to their every day wear. I have linked each comment to the blog so you can check out these wonderful blogs at the same time.........

1. The Small Fabric of my Life loves  Silver Jewelery  and combining earings, necklaces and bangles together. Gorgeous.

2. Keep it simple. Jeans and skinnies work every time ( yes!) . If you like it, then wear it says Beauty and The Biryani. I love this mantra!

3. Colour co ordination is key. Accesorize with jewellery, but always be comfortable. Find a unique favourite piece from the past and give it a modern twist says The Greek House wife. Lovely idea !

4. Thrifting has taught her to be more dircriminating says Dangerous Curves and she finds things often that she loves. A lesson for us all!

5. Wear what suits you. If you could remove one accessory from the finished look it could improve it says Ash's Rural mums style. So true!

6. Buy what you like - you know best what suits you. If the cheap copy is not up to scratch then don't buy it! Don't overly match items - rough it up a bit says Susie So So . Great advice!

7. Remember  "They are only clothes" says  Thirty Something Fashion . She tells her clients to spend 85 percent of their seasonal wardrobe budget on great classic go to pieces that will last them for a few years...and then 15 percent on fun pieces that are trendy and of the moment..but add some interest to classic looks. Good to remember this!

Happy Friday!


  1. Great advice. I missed that first post so off to catch up now to see what I missed! Avril x

    1. Thanks Avril - love the advice you give on your blog too - always very achievable. I got myself a pair of M and S Boots this week! x

  2. These 7 ideas are really smart, I think almost like this, but, that first on from YSL, is TRUE!

  3. Thanks for the links, Applebypie!!!

  4. Gutted I missed yours, haven't been around for the past week. Great tips from some lovely bloggers x

  5. Thanks for the mention Claire - great idea! x

  6. Great lists!. hhh

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  7. Thanks for including my in the posts. I do love silver jewllery and am working on building up my collection.

  8. Thanks for the mention. And some great advice from all the bloggers.