Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Caring for your Clothes

I am always in a rush . I am one of those people who tends to think there is just time for one more job before we leave the house and then find we are running behind! It is a good job the children's school is at the bottom of the hill where we live. They can jump on their scooters and roll down the hill in less than a minute.

However my eldest son has just started at the grammar school that is a 35 minute bus ride away and we now have to get him up and out to catch the bus in the morning. A real culture change for him and me. People keep asking " How did the first week back at school go ?" To which I answer "I did okay , thank you", before realising they probably were referring to my son. Incidentally, he is doing "fine" too ( his words , not mine.)

So in the midst of all this change, my carefully rearranged, colour coordinated, newly revamped wardrobe has taken somewhat of a battering as my early morning 'what to wear' moments descended upon it. However, I am determined to be a reformed woman when it comes to looking after my clothes, especially when I have scrimped and saved ( and sold things on e.bay) to buy an item I really love. I know if you care for the things you love, they will last and you will get much wear and delight out of them. So here are 10 little useful nuggets of info regarding caring for your clothes:

1. Always hang clothes preferably on wooden hangers and don't leave them on a pile on a floor (note to self)
2.Hanging worn or slightly wrinkled clothes in a steamy bathroom helps creases to drop out naturally.
3.Always read and follow care instructions. ( This Claire means before, not after the first time you wash them!)
4.Hang your favourite items out to dry - try not to rely on the dryer as it can shorten the life of some items.
5.Don't wash clean clothes -  if they aren't really dirty, hang and wear again.
6.Treat stains straight away so they don't set.
7.Wear an apron when cooking or cleaning as it protects your clothes.
8.Baking soda paste removes scuff marks or sprinkled into shoes helps with odour ( good for boys feet!)
9.Rub new zippers with lead or wax to make them run smoothly.
10. When you buy a new item dab the centre of the buttons with clear nail polish to seal the threads.

There are loads more , but I thought I'd limit myself to 10 to start with!

What nugget could you add under the heading "Caring for your Clothes"?


  1. These tips are really smart and I'm happy to say that I knew some of them.

  2. I'd never heard the tip for zips and buttons. Thanks for that. Another tip would be to have winter coats/jackets dry cleaned at the end of the season so that they're ready to go again when needed.

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  4. (Ok! Ignore the previous deletion.) Great tips! Thanks, some I didn't know, f.e. about the zippers and the buttons. If I could add something it would be to watch out for bras, we have to fasten them (is 'fasten' the right word?) before we put them in the load to wash, otherwise they may destroy other pieces of clothing and the same goes for 'undone' zippers!

  5. Great tips, Claire. I have a box where I staple a piece of paper to the extra buttons that come with cardigans and coats. I record what buttons go with which and try to include them with the garment if I give it away. I also put glass coke bottles wrapped in newspapers in my leather boots. The bottles keep the boots from bending over and wrinkling, and the newspaper helps keep out moisture and odors :)

  6. Great tips Claire - love the 'clear nail polish on button' idea and also not to overwash (I have enough washing as it is!). I remember this time last year all too well and all the morning-time confusion! xx

    1. I am struggling with the new routines and all there is to sort out for him - it's so complicated and such a change for him. He's gone from a school of 90 to one of 850! He has to face boys communal showers tomorrow! The joys! X

  7. There are some great hints there - We need a 'like' button!

  8. All really useful but I didn't know about the nail polish on buttons and I like the tip from Michelle above about stapling buttons on a piece of paper. I have a box(es) of loose buttons and I can only hope when I lose a button.

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