Friday, 21 September 2012

Savoo - Saving you money.

A Day In London.

Last Saturday I managed to extract myself from the rigours of family life to attend the Savoo Saveup Conference in London. Despite it being a brutally early start for me to get there, it was a very inspiring day and an opportunity to meet other Bloggers who are motivated by similar things. 

As I have mentioned before I always put effort into finding ways to get quality items, whether it be clothes, beauty products, groceries or general items at the best possible price. Savoo is a commany that promotes this kind of savvy shopping with deals and discount codes. was launched in 2009, and is dedicated to offering consumers the best user experience while working closely with merchants and agencies to promote deals in a controlled and transparent way. 

Savoo also personalises the vouchers to your needs. This means you let them know your shopping preference and they will pass on deals and vouchers in those particular stores. It saves you being bothered by offers you have no interest in! Ideal. I have had a link to their company in my side bar almost since starting my blog - do check them out here. 

I also found more out about My Supermarket. This is a great site that scrapes the online major supermarket sites twice daily to find the best deals that are available on products and passes them on to you. You can be certain then that the prices you see on their site are the most up to date. They were featured and recommended on This Morning last week! 

They have no preference or leaning toward where you shop so you can be certain that what they recommend is simply the best price. They root out all the bad special offers that really aren't that special too!  Watch out Supermarkets is all I can say. The consumer is the winner here. 

I came home very inspired and full of ideas of how to pass money saving ideas on too. All I need now is a few more hours in the day!

Savoo are also running a great competition at the moment. Do take a look and enter. The prize is absolutely fab . Link is here to the full details.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. X


  1. As I get low on a grocery item, say pasta, I immediately enter it into Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda and when I have done the whole weeks shopping I check out with whoever is the cheapest and trust me it isn't always Asda and sometimes is Sainsburys, I think it depends what you need that particular week so hate the way people always say they won't shop at Sainbury because it is more expensive x

  2. The good thing about shopping through My Supermarket is that they will check you out at the cheapest store regardless. As you say it isn't the most obvious store every time that has the best offer! I think Supermarkets in general are confusing and misleading with their pricing. X

  3. I was supposed to go to this but I had to go to Ireland instead.
    Shame - we could have met in person !