Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday Beauty Buys


Stlla Eye Shadow and Shimmer Duo

I had a good child free browse around the Benefit and Stila counter in our local Boots last week. I was looking for a darker brown than the phloof Mac shadow and wanted to take the opportunity to try something different. I don't know whether this is me showing the signs of middle age setting in, but on this occasion, I found the packaging and Benefit display utterly confusing. Nothing is particularly clearly labelled and for most products an explanation is needed as to what it is for.I think once you are really familiar with all of the products it becomes easy, but the reality is not many of us are. It seems to me that some of the labelling and packaging for Benefit has gone down the gimicky route for the sake of it and I think it detracts from the fantastic quality of the products.

 Now, I love a bit of fun in products - I like the way Soap and Glory label and package some of their product, but I also like to know what I am looking at. It took me forever to find an eye shadow and then the products were in a pot that was difficult to rummage in and I couldn't find what I was looking for. Usually the Benefit lady is hovering ready to impart advice and makeovers, but today was no where to be seen, so I headed off to the smaller Stila display. This was clear, simply set out and I found what I was looking for straight away. I was a bit gutted that I had missed the £1 offer at pound land on some Stila products, but maybe that will teach me to be quicker off the mark!

Firstly a lovely eye shadow in a lovely brown with a gold sheen in it called 'Golightly'. Very pretty and has a lovely depth of colour especially when used with a primer, but also is a great colour alone. I am very pleased with it's ability to stay put too. A little cheaper than the Mac products at £13.

I also picked up an all over Shimmer Duo called 'Kitten'. I have used this on it's own or as a highlighter with my blusher. It isn't as apparent on your skin as the 'Watts Up' highlighter from Benefit which I have and love, but is more of a subtle shimmer for daytime use. I mix the colours and use this mostly on it's own as it gives just a lovely peachy glimmer which is ideal on my fair skin. I think for darker skin tones you may want to use it as a highlighter with your usual blush. A really versatile little product and I paid for this with my points at Boots so an extra little gift. Price £18.

You can buy the Stila eye Shadow here for £12 and free shipping, and the Kitten Shimmer Duo here for £15 and free shipping. The same site.  This is cheaper than the Boots prices.

One of my favourite Stila products are their smudge sticks - very easy to get addicted to these and to want one in every colourway!


  1. I'm not really a make up junkie and have sadly stuck to most of my tried and tested products for too long now. I really like the Benefit face powders ... but am in the lucky position of having a sister who lives in Boston so she keeps me stocked up at the much lower dollar prices.

  2. Haven't tried any Stila product - Golightly looks like my kind of colour! x

  3. I used to buy a lot of Stilla products but i don't think you see them about as much as you used to :)

    I'm your newest follower, would love if you could check my blog out and follow back if you like it! :)

    I will also be having a giveaway when i hit 50 followers!!