Saturday, 29 December 2012

December Joliebox

 Better Late than Never

I received Decembers box a bit late as my card details hadn't been updated. My fault! I thought I had a 6 month subscription with Joliebox, but it seems I have a year, so I am going to keep it going for a little longer and see if the contents improve from the last few months. JoileBox have recently become a Birchbox company and I am hoping that may have an effect on them. Some of the boxes have been absolutely superb, but others have left me wondering about the value for money. I didn't even bother posting about Novembers box I was so disappointed in it. Here's a quick picture anyway. The total value came to way less than £10 and the products were pretty basic. That's all I'm going to say!

 The JolieBox subscription was a birthday gift for me, but over a year I am wondering whether I would rather have the money it totals up to to spend on one big item! However, the flip side is , I love getting a little box of treats each month through the door and have found numerous uses for the products I don't want.

 December's box

A lovely external box as usual .I do love these little boxes. Sturdy and pretty and so useful for storage and gifts!

A white inner bag this time. These bags are also reusable for cosmetics, toiletries or for keeping things together in your handbag. My daughter uses them for bits and pieces when we go out too.

The contents this month:

  • Bellapierre Shimmer Eye Shadow Powder - Mine was blue which is a colour I don't wear, but a good product to have in the box anyway.
  • Dr Duve Hand and Decollete Cream - 2 sample packets of these. I am happy to try these out as they have hyaluronic acid in - always a winner in my eyes!
  • Agua de Colonia Concentrada - a lemon, lavender, geranium, eucalyptus and rosemary cologne. This is overpowering , but in small amounts I rather like the lemony aroma.
  • Color Club Nail Polish - 'Put a pin in it' . A shimmery pink colour. I like this.
  • Olay Regenerist Cream - again.
  • Natural Honey Body Milk - moisturiser. Thick and creamy. Another nice product.
  • I love....Cosmetics Lip Gloss. A nice lip gloss, but I have rather a lot so this will be gifted!
  • Also in the box two bars of Lindor Chocolate. I need chocolate like a hole in the head at the moment of course, but if I must I will try these...... Yum Yum.
Ok so I like this box. I think for me a box must have a few full size products that I will get full use out of, a couple of new sample products to try and write about and a surprise or two. So this delivers on all fronts.

However I must say I was equally as delighted with my Christmas present from my five year old girl ( TK Maxx bargain)

...and the surprise present from my OH who is learning to check my pinterest pages for hints.

My main present from my OH was a new lens for my camera. I was fortunate enough to win £500 just before Christmas and instead of allowing this to get swallowed up in the black pit of family finances, we decided to use it to replace my Cannon camera which is on it's last legs. I am now the proud owner of a Panasonisc G5 with an extra  45 - 150 lens from a generous hubby for Christmas. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. I spent half of it in bed with a throat infection so not our best - oh well. 

Here's to a wonderful 2013!!


  1. You got some lovely gifts :) I'll have to look in TK Maxx for some Essie polishes! xx

    1. I got some OPI polishes for a friend as well - really good value! £10 for 3! X

  2. The Joliebox doesn't look too bad this month (better than November's). I never think to go to TK Maxx for nail polish - bargain! Camera looks fantastic - bet you'll enjoy playing around with it! Hope you're feeling better! xx

    1. Yes was better - hoping 2013 will improve or I'm cancelling and getting glossybox instead! It was a random bargain the Essie - was really pleased £9.99 for 3 so a good price. My daughter spotted them! I got some lovely handwash too. It's always so hit and miss there though. I am getting better thanks, but no voice still - rotten luck really to be ill over Christmas! Hope you had a good one! X

  3. Nice camera! What a wonderful gift.

    I bet its fun to get a package in the mail with unknown beauty treats.
    Feel better soon!

  4. I must admit I wouldn't have been happy with November's box either, they need to try harder! Great gift from the other half, love Jo Malone x

  5. There are a few of these monthly box ideas here in Berlin where I am based. There's crafts ones, ones specified at the first year with a baby or things to do with children and I have considered them but they are costly in the long run. It's great if you love all the items, but I always think, what if you don`t?! That said, I would be excited at the thought of what is to come each month. It would certainly feel like a little treat, even if you are paying for it!

  6. I really enjoy your updates on your Jolie box…I'm still on the fence about the beauty boxes but somewhat obsessed with reading what everyone got in theirs - lol! Great presents - you can't go wrong with a bit of Jo Malone and the camera looks awesome. Happy New Year! Avril x

  7. I've been ill too - horrible over Christmas :( Love your Jo Malone, hubby also got me some which I adore. Joliebox I've two months to go with my sub then I'm gone! x

  8. I like reading the reviews on the beauty boxes as well. In all honesty they would be wasted on me as I really am a lazy moo when it comes to makeup and beauty. If you cut your head off your photos like I do - there's no need for makeup :o). But I would be very happy to have some nice looking boxes for storing all my bits and bobs in. Very jealous of the camera but I have to say I wouldn't know what to do with a good one anyway. The Grumps had a Canon 7D a while back and I could barely take the lens cap off. He sold it before I started on my blogging adventure or it would have come in handy. And you did well on the Jo Malone goodies. The English Pear and Freesia is one of my favourites - it's the one I picked for a friend's birthday this year.

  9. Practically Perfect Mums29 December 2012 at 23:39

    Fabulous photos and what a thorough review. I fancy those nail varnishes too (or should I say nail vanish as my boys call it!).
    Here's to a happy and healthy New Year all round!!