Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My Years Favourites

Boxing Day Beauty Buys

I have spent this year trying to find some alternatives to some of the more expensive products I have previously used. I have had success with some, others not so much. I think the conclusion I have reached is that sometimes you can find an alternative that is equally as good for half the price, other times it is worth spending that extra bit for a fabulous product! 

So here are my year's finds and favourites...enjoy!

  • Dermalogica - Skin smoothing cream and daily microfoliant. However many times I try something new I always return to these two fantastic products. I have been using these for years and nothing compares! I buy them from Look Fantastic when they have a deal on to get them at the best possible price.

  •  Soap and Glory make up range.  1. "It's all about Prime" eyeshadow primer - a brilliant little primer that intensifies eye shadows and keeps them in place all day. 2. "Trick and Treatment" concealer to cover those black under eye bags! I've needed that this year!! I get these at Boots.

  • Bad Gal Benefit Lash - A superb all round mascara - have repurchased this twice from Boots  and still happy! 

  • Orly Top 2 Bottom base and topcoat - This is the best one I have ever tried. It really does help sustain my nail polish for longer. You can get Orly polishes and nail treatments from Cheap Smells.

  • Stila bronzer and highlighter - this is a lovely little product that I rely on to bring some winter colour to my very pale face! Look Fantastic stocks Stila products.

  • Hydraluron moisture booster - if you haven't tried this yet - do!! It goes under your usual moisturiser and really does improve skin texture over time. Now hooked! This can be purchased at Boots .

  • Elvive Extraordinary Oil - best anti frizz, calming, hair product on the market. I love , love , love this product. Easily available at Supermarkets and drugstores.

  • Essie nail polishes - the colours of Essie polishes have me capitivated and the fact I can pick them up from Superdrug is even better! Superdrug Essie Polishes

  • My most recent discovery - KMS makeover spray. A brilliant styling, revamping tool without buildup! Another staple to be added to my cabinet! Cheap Smells has a great price on this product.

  • Bourjois Colour Pots - I have a few of these as alternatives to my Mac eye shadows. They are not the same as Mac by any stretch of the imagination, but with a good primer they are fantastic little shots of colour and at a 3rd of the price a few of these will do thank you very much! Wait for a 3 for 2 offer and get these from Boots.

I could go on ...and on and on ..... but these are probably my top new discoveries or old favourites. I have a list of items I am now itching to try. Thats the problem with reading blogs - you read about so many tempting things!! 

My advice with beauty products is if you are unsure always see if they have a sample size you can buy first or if buying from a counter ask for some samples to try. Always look for money off vouchers and codes and check the prices online to see if it is any cheaper to order your products, taking into consideration the cost of posting compared with petrol and parking etc to drive into town to buy them. Don't rule out buying through cashback sites either. Some sites such as Quidco give up to 8% cashback on purchases at Boots and you still get your points on your card too. It's a win, win! 

What is your favourite Beauty Product of 2012?


  1. Great products :) I'll have to pick up some of the Soap and Glory eyeshadow primer xx

  2. I still need to try out the Dermalogica Microfoliant and Dr Jart BB - loving the Elvive Extraordinary Oil too. I'm intrigued by the KMS spray - going to put that and the Orly Top to Bottom on my 'things to try this year' list! Hope you're having a good one Claire! xx

  3. I will be trying the hair oil and mascara. Thanks for the tips.

  4. I always use Dermalogica on clients but never myself so I decided to change that and have been using the whole lot every morning, will report back if improvement! Hope you had a great xmas x

  5. Is Boots a type of drugstore? I've never heard of it, I'm wondering if we don't have it around here? And I agree on Dr Jarts BB Cream...I got some in either a Birchbox or MyGlam and that stuff was AWESOME!!

    1. Yes it is a large chain of drugstores in the UK! The main one - I'm sort of addicted to it!!! Love Dr Jart too.

  6. I finally got round to getting some of the Dr Jarts BB cream and have been using it off and on (when I remember) and though it's kind of nice, I can't see the real difference between this and a tinted moisturiser at this point so I don't know if I'm missing the point on the BB creams? Also, I thought they were all singing and all dancing thing which meant that you didn't need moisturiser on but my skin is so dry that if I were to put it on without a moisturiser first, I'm pretty sure my face would start cracking. Do you use a moisturiser with yours? And how much do you put on? I have a feeling I'm not using enough but I don't like to feel "caked" either. And the hyaluronic acid in the hydraluron moisture booster - what does that do? I have a serum from Aldi of all places which has hyaluronic acid in and have no idea what it's supposed to do. Questions, questions! Sue (The Beauty Virgin)

    1. I like questions! If I can answer them!! The BB cream I use more of than a tinted moisturiser - not sure if this is correct or not, but I find it lasts me all day then. I do still moisturise. I don't feel right not doing so! A BB cream for me should keep the skin moisturised during the day and not dry out, but not replace your usual routine. I may return to a tinted moisturiser in the summer as this is a lighter cover I feel when I am less pale! I love the way the Dr Jart evens up my skin where a tinted moisturiser doesnt, but it's not for everyone. The hyaluronic acid is a must!!!! It is made by the body anyway so is a natural product . It penetrates the skin and binds water molecules together to give a really hydrated, plump appearance - the skin then 'plumps' up to fill the fine lines and wrinkles! The product I mention here is great as it is a pure hyaluronic acid - you put it on before you usual moisturiser and it helps it absorb it deeper into the skin. It feels quite tight when you apply it , until you put your moisturiser on, but I can see it working almost straight away - they call hyaluronic acid the "key to the fountain of youth" ha ha ha!! Hope that helps!! Im no expert- just a desperate wrinkly!

    2. Ooh cheers Claire - and what does glycolic acid do then? See - I'm a desperate wrinkly too yet too lazy to read the gumph and prefer someone to explain to me in laymans terms

    3. I think this is a harsher product (acid) that you have to be more careful with - it's used in peels and stuff like that, but is good for exfoliation etc. I think in small doses it is used in facial products ( under 10% content as it can be washed off with water) but the biggest benefit is to have a facial or gentle peel at a spa. Not cheap though. I have had a few in the past and it does make a big difference - skin bright and smooth etc etc, but you have to keep going and it adds up!! Thats all I know on that one....!