Wednesday, 19 December 2012

KMS Makeover Spray

Wednesday Beauty Buys

As a follow on to last Wednesdays beauty post I have another Makeover Spray to bring you. This seems to me to be less of a traditional 'dry shampoo' and if any of you have preconceived ideas of products that leave a powdery residue or grey build up of product then think again!

I love this product. It is light and fresh. It gives your hair a real boost when it needs reviving or a wash ! It smells fresh and citrusy, not at all artificial. I have also been using it just as a styling product to add volume too.

I have tried a number of products that fall under the umbrella of 'dry shampoo/makeover sprays" , but I am sold on this one now. It does exactly what I need. It revives my hair, but also gives extra body and boost when needed. It retails at £14.50, but you can buy this product from Cheap Smells for £10.50.



  1. I recently tried the Trevor Sorbie one which my daughter had and I was really impressed with that, much nicer than my trusty Batiste.

  2. Good to know there are alternatives to Batiste. I'd only tried one other brand and wasn't impressed so great to have yours and Sharron (above)'s advice on other brands! Thanks girls. Claire, hope your wee man is better today. Avril x

  3. This looks right up my street Claire - hair makeovers are something I have to perform mostly every morning! I do use Batiste regularly but it would be nice to try an alternative and this looks great! xx

  4. Hmmmmm...I'm so tempted to try this out! I really need it!