Friday, 21 December 2012

Frugal Friday

Being Frugal without being Cheap.

I was utterly delighted with my first proper successful shopping trip to Primark a few weeks ago. I posted a picture of myself decked out top to toe in all my  Primarni glory! However, and there always is a however isn't there?, I always have in the back of my mind a voice of caution playing as I don't want to fall into the trap of buying cheap for the sake of cheap. I prefer to mix and match my items when I can and be a bit individual. I find buying items at charity shops an ideal outlet for this. They are usually good quality, but cost next to nothing. A no brainer really. Don't be afraid to be unique and be yourself. Don't feel you have to follow the crowd and get the latest items that are on trend because everybody else has. Go with what you choose, what suits you and your budget.

"Be yourself ..." quote

I believe this stands true for most products whether it be food, clothing, beauty or home goods. It is a case of being wise with your money, but getting the best possible outcome. Having a wardrobe or a house full of cheap items will look like just that. Cheap. Although, if you mix and match, your cheap items take on a life of their own:

  • Dressing up a Primark outfit with a Whistles scarf and your best boots make it look a cut above. 
  • Making sure the meat you buy is a good quality and you haven't compromised on the freshness of your other products when you cook. Adding plenty of herbs and spices can create an expensive tasting, healthy meal for next to nothing. 
  • Beauty products can be sourced cheaply from places such as Cheap Smells or alternatives found from Superdrug for your Spa favourites if your budget is tight. These often do as good a job as their more expensive rivals. 
  • Throwing a few designer cushions on an Ikea sofa make it look unique and individual.

Make your choices where the costs can be cut, where they don't make too much of a sacrifice. Be prepared to spend a little bit more in those areas that really matter to you. Life is to be enjoyed. For me enjoyment comes out of making the best out of our hard earned cash! I tend to shop around for designer clothes, if thats what I want. If I want a particular brand of a beauty product, I hunt down the best price. When I am planning to buy something for around the home I always check for vouchers and money off codes first. 
There are ways of getting the items you want for much, much less. Being careful and frugal with your money does not mean being cheap. It means getting the best for your money - squeezing every last ounce out of every penny you earn! Sometimes it means saving, not spending until you can afford what you need ( or oftentimes, want!).

Try out these sites for cut price deals on designer items:

Ventee- Privee

Try these sites to cut those food bills:

MoneySaving Expert

Try these sites for money off beauty products:

Cheap Smells

Look Fantastic

Try these sites  for money off vouchers:


My Vouchers Codes

Hot Deals

Look into signing up to a cash back site - you can shop at main stores like Boots and get 8% cash back and still receive your points.


And a word of caution as we head into the sales. 

Sale - Angle 2
  • Don't buy it if you don't want it, just because it is a bargain
  • If you don't go you won't spend
  • Don't get swept along and regret it later
  • Keep the receipts - you can return things you regret buying later
  • Don't buy the dregs of the sales just because they are under £10
  • Set a budget, write a list, stick to it
And best of all:

  • Avoid the sales altogether - some lovely Spring wear will be in the shops soon - save for that instead!


  1. Fabulous...I like saving money without buying cheaply made products or ones not good for the environment or workers either!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend doll x

  2. As a charity shop volunteer I second your tip about the quality finds you can get there. Just today, I've shared a Lulu Guinness bag that came into the shop this week. Absolutely gorgeous, in great condition and just £40…all of which goes to Cancer Research! No brainer :) Avril x

  3. I must be honest, I'm terrible for grabbing things in the sales just because they're reduced (I always keep the receipts though!). I can't get out of the sales shopping this year though as my little girl has already made a list of things she wants from the Boots catalogue in the sales (chip off the old block!). Must make the effort to buy more wisely this coming year (still hoping to get those Fly London wedges at some stage!) xx

  4. This is a great quote; Thank you for sharing it.