Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Eating My Words.

Humble pie can be tasty.....

Ok I admit it....if you keep at it at some point you will have success and I did. I stuck with it.... and I am finally, actually, really, quite completely, delighted with my purchases......from Primark.

I set off to town to start my Christmas shopping with a list in my hand and a budget in mind. First on the agenda was Primark - for

  • P.Js for Christmas Eve - adults and kids
  • Stocking Fillers
  • Presents for my sister's girls who a.d.o.r.e Primark
  • Leggings - for moi
  • A coat, if available, for around £30
  • A berry skirt or dress to brighten up the abundance of grey and black in my wardrobe.

How did I do?

I managed to get the 3 children a pair of pjs each for Christmas for a grand total of around £17. We have a little tradition that they open a present on Christmas eve in a new pair of snugly pjs to drink hot chocolate in before going to bed. I also managed find an adorable pair of p.js that were long enough for me! Cuffed ankles is the way to go lanky legged ladies!


Firstly to make it clear. I do not intend, ever , not even in the comfort of my own home to wear a babygrow, aka onesie, but what does appeal is the soft fleece that they are often made from. So my compromise was these cuffed owl fleece pj bottoms. So gorgeous I went back for a second pair and overnight they had sold out every size UK 8 to 10 in every colour bar one in the owl print again. My lucky day. I snapped that baby up! Not too hot, not too cold, sooooo soft and comfy . I couldn't wait to put them back on again at the end of the day! Cost ? £5 a pair!

owl pjs

I got some black, long leggings with heel holes as well.These are gloriously fitted, no baggy knees and almost too long - perfect. They were the bargain price of £4. I am not ashamed to admit that I went back to try and get some more in grey and blue, but not to be - sold out in my size again. I shall keep looking for these as it isn't often I find reasonable leggings I am happy with.
I did well with a berry colour skirt which, although short, is perfect with leggings and a lovely deep colour - nowhere near as bright as in the second, overexposed picture! I have since seen they have this as a dress which would be a much better option as the skirt has a rather bulky waistband. Happy all the same.

My boot crush this year has been the Ash Jalouse Boots, but I couldn't bring myself to splurge on boots again this year. So when I saw these bargainlicious tan, stud boots from Peacocks for only £25, I didn't hesitate! Totally head over heels! So comfy and not too big at the ankle. Always a complaint I have!




But that's not it. I also decided to act a little on impulse and buy the pleather sleeves Khaki coat that seems to be back in stock. Ive been looking for a jacket that was a bit warmer than my blazers and leather jackets and this certainly is. I am really delighted with it. The only 'cheap' bit of the coat is the belt which is flimsy and awkward, but I realised this before buying it and decided it was worth it anyway!


Boots - Primark
Leggings - Primark
Skirt - Primark
Coat - Primark

I am all Primarked out and just look at my smile - almost hysterical!
The bag was a gift from my husband in the summer from Troop in London and the snood is from Dorothy Perkins. 

In the top picture I am wearing a black lace T shirt from Zenana  Outfitters  at T K Maxx and a black cardigan from H and M. The necklace was a thrifted gift.

I also managed to get other bits and pieces and gifts which I can't share here for fear of giving the game away!! 

So I will eat humble pie and declare Primark a resounding success this time. I feel like    I have not been shopping for clothes apart from at the occasional charity shop for quite a while, so this small splurge was a welcome treat! 

I do tend to take the approach with clothing that it is preferable to have in your wardrobe a selection of different brands, but the best is to mix more expensive, investment pieces with interchangeable cheaper pieces (that you will probably have more of). I will save for an item that I really want from a certain designer or brand and look after it well so it lasts and lasts. I will often buy it in the sale or when I can get hold of a voucher or money off code too! There are ways to get the standard of wardrobe you want for the budget you have. It just takes time and patience!

To live a careful life with your money is a good and wise trait, but to be able to enjoy your hard earned pennies is also a great blessing to be enjoyed when you are able!

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  1. Great boots - I didn't realise that jacket was back in stock. My daughter has been after one.

  2. Hurray! Success at Primark! I'm sure my day will come ... lol!!

  3. My ears perk up when I hear "long" or "too long" as at 5, 9" I am forever on the quest for pj's that will not stop at my ankles. Off to Penney's so (primark in Eire). Martina

  4. Ha ha ha. You got there! Hey - if it saves you a few pennies at Christmas and it satisfies the criteria and your enviably long legs - I'd say that was a good thing. I know it's nice to be thrifty but sometimes it's nice to have some new things from a shop too (cheap or expensive). The Primark jacket - have you got a good black leather belt you can swap the belt with? Just an idea. And the boots look great and a brilliant price.

    1. Perfect idea - I had thought about a fabric one, but couldn't get past the thought of a colour clash. But a black leather one will look so good and make the coat look more expensive than it is - you are officially my fashion crush! brilliant suggestion! Thank you! May need help deciding which one .....future post to help me decide coming up?!

    2. Aww thanks. Be a pleasure - love fashion posts and it will be fun to see the comments to see what people like. Sometimes I think it's fun to see if you can anticipate what people will say according to what you know of their personalitlies and ... if you got it right!

  5. Well, you did a fabulous shopping trip! The kids' jammies are adorable and your new boots are a fab find. Thanks for sharing your great look, and shopping tales, with Visible Monday : >

  6. You did really well Claire, you look so satisfied in your pic and the outfit looks great - love the coat and boots especially. I have myself been decked out head to toe practically in Primark from time to time! Love Primark pjs too - they're so comfy - completely agree with you on the 'Onesie' front though - never have been or will be going down that route! Lovely Christmas Eve tradition you have there I must say! xx

  7. Yay for Primark! Everything is fabulous! Love the booties! :D