Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Sales and The New Year

How Did I Do?

Well I managed to restrain myself completely and entirely and have spent a grand total of £0.00. 


Now , I have nothing against the sales. Not at all. In fact I think approached with caution and a with good plan, you can save yourself a great deal of money on items you need for the months ahead. However, I also know, from experience, that you can get dragged into the black hole of having to get a bargain. You end up trawling the shops and online sites for tat treasures you never planned on buying , just because the price is appealing and they have your size left.

But - there is always a but isn't there. I have been hankering after some Ash boots or wedge trainers all year and have restrained myself because of the price. If I can source  a pair within a budget, I may cave. I have set aside money from my e.bay sales to buy some so watch this space. These are my favourites:



There is a reason for my frugality this year. 2013 is the year we plan to launch into our big extension on our house. We have been saving for a long time for this project and it is not a small one by any means. We wanted to avoid getting ourselves into debt to do it so caution with money at this stage is necessary! We plan to take down a large detached double garage and a lean to garage that is attached to the house. The existing small kitchen is going to become a study and the footprint of where the two garages were will become a 26' kitchen and then a lobby, a utility and a smaller garage. The planning permission has gone through and builders are quoting as I write. I am beyond excited, if a little apprehensive. I will keep you informed of progress and bargains I manage to find on the way!

It's amazing how much willpower you find when you have a goal to work towards. I think I am the sort of person who works best with structure. I need organisation, goals, and targets to work towards. I can become easily demotivated otherwise and with 3 children our lives can quickly descend into disarray and chaos. I do like to take the opportunity to set myself some new goals going into the New Year. Although these tend to be along the lines of :

"I would like to discover some more family recipes "  and " I would like to try and create some time in our schedule for me to go swimming" rather than,

" I must try 2 new recipes a week"  and " I will swim 3 times a week" - I would fail straight away with direct goals like this.

I am working on some realistic goals at the moment to help me organise our budget and household going into the New Year and I will share them shortly.

Do you set New Year Resolutions ?


  1. I could have bought the Ash Boots, still want them but have spent out on other things that the sales made more accessible to the money I had x

    1. You tempted me with them at first and I have hankered after them ever since!! I think I may go for the trainers though in the end as I will get more wear out of them going into the Spring.....Happy New Year!!

  2. You're too good. I wouldn't be able to stick to my guns - it's just by chance that there hasn't been enough which I can afford to tempt me. Seriously skint till the beginning of January but hopefully there will be some nice gems left at an even better price for me to pick over. If I'm not bothered by then - I didn't really need it or want it enough. The changes to the house will be exciting though. I want lots of culling posts to inspire me to do the same!

  3. My new year resolutions are all about exploration - Buddhism, playing the guitar and finding the perfect fitness regime for me.
    That and embrace kindness and gratitude.

  4. Good work! So amazed that you could spend nothing. But I have to agree, most purchases are made because you think you're getting a bargain, so it really is a good thing to save the money for something that you actually do need! =)

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  5. Way to go girl! Kudos! We have sales starting in Greece after the holidays (supposedly in February!)We'll see if I'll indulge myself into some shopping even though I rather refrain myself from spending money at this point as I need to raise money for other things for 2013.

  6. Hi! Newest follower here :) Good for you for saving... something I slack on all the time :/ Can't wait to follow along!


  7. You and me matey; and I don't think we are alone, I too have spent NOTHING in the sales and do you know what, it feels good :) We have a new business venture starting this year and we need to restrain ourselves as you never know how things are going to go. I would also like to take the hubby for a surprise and belated birthday trip to New York towards the end of 2013 so I am saving for that. I try not to make resolutions or at least not too many because I know I will put myself under too much pressure but saving so we can move in the next couple of years is about the only one I am making.

    Happy New Year to you and yours x