Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner

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There is no use denying it. As you get older, it is harder to apply eyeliner. 


The lid of the eye becomes less firm, less elastic and more crepe like. 


This makes it hard to get a nice neat straight line with a eye pencil or brush. It also means that eye make up can smudge more easily and instead of improving and widening the appearance of your eyes , do just the opposite.

Oh dear.

However, having tried a fair few gel eye liners out and failed miserably with the application, I did make some progress .

I bit the bullet and blew the budget.

Bobbi Brown I love you. 


I got the shimmer brown , this time.But it comes in loads of adorable colours so I can play too.

This gel eye liner goes on beautifully. 

Stays on beautifully. 

It is very forgiving and does not sink into fine lines and creases.

 It does not budge! 

Love, Love, Love.

Nothing more to say.

Buy it Here.

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  1. Gak! I thought it was just me being a complete, utter failure at eye liner. I don't even try anymore. I was completely pampered with a Bobbi Brown makeover a few years ago, and came home with several products. Wonderful, beautiful Bobbi Brown.
    I will have to check out her gel liners.

    Sue xo

  2. I have something like that, it can get messy, you have to have a steady hand, but I sometimes find it easier than other liners and it doesn't move once you put it on, which is great!! xx

  3. Yes Claire I know all about that crepey eyelid thing! I would love to try out some Bobbi Brown products - definitely on my wishlist. This looks like a lovely colour - I'm not so good with brushes but sure I could manage with some practice! xx

    1. I'm hopeless with brushes too, but this one is a different shape I find so is perfect! I have my Bobbi Brown consultation tomorrow so am dreading coming back having spent loads too much! X

  4. hmmmm....interesting....!!!