Thursday, 28 February 2013

Organisation - De-Clutter your Life

A room at a time.

Although I didn't set out to write a series of posts on organisation it appears that is where I have been heading the last few weeks so here's another one! It must be the stage we are in preparing for the building works that is making me focus on this aspect of life.

We have a seemingly insurmountable task of de cluttering our house and living in it whilst a pretty major , 6 month building project goes on. Then and only then will the new kitchen  go in. I received the first draft plan of it today......

Beyond excited!

During this time we will have rooms out of action, services cut off and at some point the whole roof will be removed and replaced - please, please not another wet summer...please.

We have to empty two very full garages completely, move an office whilst working, clear out a utility room entirely - I have still not worked out where, oh where can I plumb in a temporary washing machine . Having cold sweats about that. 

We have to brick up half of our existing kitchen so the table, sideboard, fish tank and hamster have to be re homed - oh I could go on and on and on.

The lesson I have learnt is....


We don't need most of it. 

I don't want most of it.

We don't use half of it.

It just seems to get collected over the years and clogs up our house.

Now I am a constant de clutterer. I thought I didn't hoard. 

Think again Mrs A. 

I am on a mission.

Ruthless doesn't come into it.

Fear has struck in the heart of my hubby. He has seen the crazed look in my eye and knows STUFF is going.

I am going through each room bit by bit making quick decisions. I have four piles:





I am chanting these words in my sleep . 

I am singing them to my kids. 

I have turned into the crazy, singing bag lady I was probably always destined to be, BUT

Slowly ......

There is space.

I can open drawers and find only things in there that I NEED.

I look at a shelf and only see things that PLEASE me.

I can fit my children's clothes in their drawers AND shut them ALL the way .

The food in my larder is all IN DATE

I have shelves that are EMPTY in my cupboards



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  1. When we moved to this house we swore we wouldn't put anything in the loft, so I have a double length garage full from end to end and a husband who keeps promising to do it! I can't in case of Spiders!

  2. Oh bliss - I know it's horrble job, but so satisfying when it's done. I have a utility room that needs serious de-cluttering .. I might just start this weekend. I think the problem is finding the time, so it's really only when a big job is being done in the house that we get around to sorting out.

  3. Claire.

    You are scaring me. But there's a part of me that wants to be you too. We started on the garage just before Christmas - we did about 20% and then stopped. I can't let go of things because I think of how much I spent on them but I do need to get on top of it. When the weather gets warmer ....

    Did I ever tell you that I'm good at procrastinating?

    1. I am selling some too - going to put a link to my e.bay tomorrow to prove it !! I am scary when I'm like this. My hubby says I turn from a meek, quiet person into a crazed bag lady throwing stuff out of cupboards and muttering to myself! I went to school with cobwebs in my hair yesterday :(

  4. Oooooh when you're done over at yours you couldn't pop over to mine could ya?! ;)

    1. OOO- I could start a chucking out business!!

  5. Loved this post! I am totally obsessed with de cluttering I moved house in September and I felt like a totally new women upon packing up our old house my new house is now On the small side so a lot of clutter now would make me have a panic attack! Good luck with the building work I admire u living in the same house whilst it being done! X

  6. Hi, I can completely relate to this post. We had builders in for six months last year, excavating our basement, and although I didn't lose use of the kitchen or anything, there was a lot of stuff to rehouse from the basement which was full. I've still got a shed full and half a dining room full so I've a way to go before I totally get on top of things but I'm working on it. Hope your building work goes well and you get the kitchen you want.

  7. Oh....I am in that same place. Bring it on! I'll be on the other side of the big pond doing the same thing...and my hubby has that same fearful look in his eye!

  8. Me too.. (waking up from the fog) also means you can clear out all those plastic toys as my kids just use the bball hoop now. I learned 10 years ago when we arrived in the East bay CA not to go to all the big box store. All that stuff that you thought you needed ends up in the recycling or given away.

  9. When you've sorted your stuff out fancy coming up here and doing mine? ;) Bet we have more clutter in one room than you have in your entire house - where does it all come from and how to keep on top of it I'll never know! And don't get me started on the garage - after my constant reminders (nagging really) my hubby is finally getting round to taking the 2 (yes 2) old broken tvs to the tip! I did actually clear our half of our bedroom at the weekend + although it was exhausting it felt great afterwards! My friend says she feels 'cleansed' after a good clear out! When we had our extension knocked through the kids were tiny + I had to move out to mum and dads for a bit + left hubby here on his own with the dust - just an idea! (sorry I've gone on forever haven't I?) xx