Thursday, 14 February 2013

Returning to work

After a Long Break.....

....It feels a little bit like poking my head up out of a nice warm rabbit hole into the big wide world, where it is pretty scary and you are not sure what you might find. A part of me wants to scurry on back down that hole to what is warm and safe and familiar and another part of me is excited to come out in some fresh air , to do something for me at last, to breathe some fresh air again. 

Sometimes life is so busy you don't really have time to think. The weeks just fly past , filled with the mundanities of life . Raising children and being at home has been a huge privilege. I worked as a teacher when my boys were very little , but for the main part of the last 9 years I have been the primary care giver of my children at home. The work I do for my husband is based at home. I always said the time to return to work would be when all my kids were at school and this time last year when that day finally arrived we decided to give it yet another year to allow my youngest to settle at school and my eldest to settle at secondary school. That year is now up, we need some extra funds for the extension and I am all out of excuses........

The time has come.

But , ( exhales a long held breath........)

........I am totally overwhelmed with the prospect. It is not so much the working , but the fact that I have been out of the official workplace for so long. The work I do for my husband is different. It is simple, un demanding , repetitive tasks that support him in the running of his business. This will be a return to something I am trained in. 

A part of me is really excited and can't wait to start this journey, but a part of me is scared of failing , of looking like a middle aged, post children has been, of no earthly good whatsoever.

I am filling in forms this week.... and so the journey begins.

Wish me luck and please offer advice ....all will be taken!

The benefit to this is that I will, of course, be needing to purchase a few items of clothing that are less Home related and more Work related! 

Well, there has to be some incentive, doesn't there?

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  1. Snap! I am in exactly the same boat (except I am not a teacher!). I've had the last 2.5 years 'off' helping hubby in his work, but for me the time has also come - a mixture of needing more funds and needing something for me. But I, like, you am finding it a quite scary prospect! Here's to both of us and finding gainful employment!

  2. Good luck with your project, I'm sure you will do brilliantly!! xx

  3. Cheers to jumping back in the pool. Just remember, you haven't "lost" any work skills. Being at home with your children has strengthened your multitasking, planning and ability to organize. You're wonderful and anyone will be lucky to have you employed with them :) Keep us updated! XOX

  4. Good luck Claire - it may seem a bit daunting at first but you'll be absolutely fine and will just adapt - at least you're trained so you know what you're doing! As you say you get to buy a few new bits and pieces (although you always look well turned out to me in your 'Home related' gear!) - can't wait to see what you get! Keep us posted! xx

  5. I sympathise, I've been there! We have a fair bit in common because I too took a few years out of teaching when my children were small. ( I worked for my husband too! ) I went back for two days a week, then three, now I'm four days a week. It was hard....and I admit I did feel emotional sometimes. But gradually I started to enjoy the sense of purpose and achievement, and the interaction with colleagues. Four and a half years down the line I still sometimes feel a bit torn, but it's all been worth it. As for finding a job...I sent my CV to any school within a certain radius that I liked the look's good to do this just before the start of a new term when there are often gaps in the timetable for various reasons.

    Good luck with it!

    Sounds like you are having a difficult time with your Dad...sending love to him, and wishing you all the strength you need.

    Caroline x

  6. I'm as terrified as you because my time is nearly up too. Come September when George starts school full time, I need to think about a job too to help ease the load. The very thought of going in to an office environment, adhering to rules and regulations, watching the clock to pick up the children and everything seems very daunting. I enjoy my role as a SAHM - yes the kids drive me mad sometimes, but it's better than some of the bickering you get in the work place. Like you say, the bright side is some new clothes. Do share :o)