Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Nip and Fab No Needle Fix Serum

Wednesday Beauty Buys

I have reached those digits of numbers where the majority of products on my bathroom shelf contain the words 

anti or miracle. 

Depressing though that is, I do recognise that as we get older skin probably does benefit from a little extra help in the old tightening up and plumping department.

I was once told by a wise, older woman when I was but a slip of a girl that you must       

" Look after the flower and the stem." 

She went on the explain that the stem supports the beauty of the flower and you must always look after your face and neck in the same way as you get older. The neck supports the beauty of the face. She was a tall, willowy lady with a graceful beauty and this wisdom has stayed with me. 

I steadfastly and obediently apply my creams to my face and neck!

I came across this little serum recently in a sample pack and was really impressed with the way it gently tightened up my skin ready for make up application. I have learnt that make up application is all about what you do before you begin to even apply any make up. Good preparation means your make up lasts longer and looks better. Your skin will also not suffer any bad consequences if you are looking after it well.

So I apply I cleanse and then apply hydraluron, Dermalogica face block and moisturiser to my face and neck and go and make coffee! When I return I apply a small amount of this lovely serum around my eyes, mouth and forehead and then apply my BB cream , which has a moisturiser in it too. It definitely has tightened and plumped up  my ageing, tired eyes and fine lines . Psychologically , it helps that I can feel it working. 

It is recommended that you apply this before your usual moisturiser, but I always play around with products and work out what is best with the other products I am using. My BB has a good moisture content in it and I find this retains the effect of the No Needle Fix if I apply directly before.

This is a really great little product . A little pricey for a drugstore product at £19.95, but you don't need much each time. You can buy at Boots or online here.

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  1. I like the advice from the wise lady! So true. I enjoyed your post.

  2. Sounds lovely, bit pricey though xx

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  3. I have this but have never used it, I also have the hydraulon you mention, haven't used that either!

  4. Sounds like a good product Claire - anything that tightens and plumps is worth it in my book! Love that flower and stem story! xx