Saturday, 9 February 2013

Simply Heartbreaking

An Update

Thank you all so much for your kind words yesterday - since starting this Blog I have been overwhelmed by how much love and support is out there. I am not good at being vulnerable and sharing how I feel, but to write it down has been helpful for me - I am undone by the depth of kindness and compassion I have been shown. Thank you.

I did take Dad yesterday and I managed to keep my cool - just. The Manager was surprised to see us that was evident, but Dad walked in with his head held high and looked them all straight in the eye. It spoke volumes that he was not worried or embarrassed about his condition. There was a certain amount of awkward shuffling ..... and for once it was not my Dad doing it! I handed the author of the hurtful letter  my Step mums reply and left. She at least had the grace to look worried. 

I came out to find a Traffic Warden putting a ticket on my car as I had forgotten to take the disabled badge! He relented when I explained thank goodness! I got in the car and sobbed my heart out . I did not want to leave him there at all, but he wanted to see people. His choice. He may be sick, but there is fight in the old boy yet!!

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  1. Hi, just to say that I admire your dignified manner and restraint after the tactless way you were treated. Perhaps it will make them think harder in future before treating another person the same way. I wish your father all the best, he sounds like a gentleman.

  2. Good for him! He is an example to follow! You should be very proud of your Dad! I hope everything will be fine!

    1. I'm stopping by again to let you know that you have been nominated for the "Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award"! Congratulations! Stop by at to find out more about it!

  3. Claire, I have just caught up with your blog and I feel so angry for you. Your dad is fortunate that he has such a fesity and loving daughter.
    I do hope things work out better.

  4. what a nightmare this has all been, I'm glad she looked worried, do everything you can to name and shame them for this disgusting behaviour, poor man xx

  5. Bless you Claire - it's only natural to feel upset, I would be exactly the same. Sounds like your dad has set a good example and you've all handled it the right way. Hope the people responsible get what's due to them - it's so disgraceful - winds me up every time I think about it! xx

  6. Your father's dignity and courage to face things head on is amazing. You are amazing for helping him.

  7. I just can't believe this! I work for a charity and have never heard anything like it. I feel so angry for you xx

  8. What a very tough time you're having Claire. You are handling it so very well. Thinking of you xx