Thursday, 7 February 2013

Organisation - daily beauty products

 Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

I was keeping the items I needed for everyday use in a large basket in a drawer in the bottom of my wardrobe. It was very conveniently out of sight so looked tidy and as if I was in control. However my rushed mornings told a different story. As you know from my eldest sons comments I do need like to wear a bit of make of in the mornings and I will confess to owning a fair bit of the old war paint. However, rummaging through bags of items every morning not only is time consuming, but means that products you have spent your hard earned money on often get broken in the rush.

So I had a sort out.

It doesn't have to cost a penny to reorganise an area .

Tins and lids are the most useful of items.

I do usually attach felt pads to the bottom of my pots and tins as they protect the surfaces from scratches and the tins from water, hence prolonging their lives. You can buy these at most hardware stores. I got these from Tescos.

 I took the items I use most regularly and I put them in the places I use them so they are easily accessible.

My make up basket had a total re haul. I purchased 3 plastic containers at a cost of £1.52 and divided my items up. I have foundations, BBs and tinted moisturisers in one, eye shadows in another and blushers and bronzers in another. My eye pencils and mascaras are stored in another tin that keeps them upright. The pink drawstring bag has a few of my favourite lipsticks and colours.Any items that I don't use often were taken out and stored in empty monthly beauty boxes in a slide under bed box. 

 My hairbrushes are kept in a plant pot I got a while ago from a local garden centre. It does the job!

 This useful little box was from Tesco again and I use it to store a few hair essentials - it fits in the make up basket. It saves so much time now I always know where some clips are for drying my hair when in a rush!

My mornings are still a rush as I have 3 children to get up and out of the door. However, knowing where things are allows me some time to make myself presentable before running down the road to school with my youngest two. I know with a return to work looming time will become even more pressed so organisation will be my best friend. My eldest gets the 8am bus to school now that goes from the top of our road.

How do you organise your make up and beauty products for a streamlined morning?

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  1. What a good idea Claire. I so need to do this too!
    Where did you buy the 3 plastic pots for £1.52? What a bargain? My makeup is all in a basket like yours at the moment but I have to rummage every morning to find my bits.
    Clare x

    1. I got them from Lidl - I went back to get more and they had gone!! Should have got loads more . Oh well. Lidls is the only place where you find random items amongst the fruit and veg isn't it - makes me laugh every time!

  2. Excellent idea. I don't actually own a lot of make-up as I'm pretty unadventurous with colours etc. But I'm fascinated by your hairbrush collection ... why so many? I only own one!

    1. Actually the brown one is my hubbys! The round ones I use for blow drying to try and get some shape and volume in my hair!! I don't often use the small one as it gets stuck . I must also confess to having a tangle teaser in my bag too. Somewhat obsessed!

  3. Great organisation and doesn't it look so nice like this! I keep a make-up bag in the kitchen, my facial products are next to the basin in a wash bag and I keep my comb in my handbag. Hair brushes and products are kept in my daughters room where we all do our hair x

    1. Thank you ! I am terrified about going back to work and know I need to be mega organised in the mornings - being out of the house having got all 3 kids ready and packed off for school by 8am is going to be a challenge! Not sure make up and hair will even be done :( X

    2. I frequently run out of time for make up and hair on a work day!! I've got really short hair so that's OK and I just have to hope that I'm beautiful enough on the inside for it to shine through to the outside ;-)

  4. My stuff's in several baskets/make-up bags on the dressing table - well - it's really a chest of drawers (with more make-up inside!). I need to organise further though (something else to add to the list of stuff to do!)- as you say mornings are hectic enough without having to rummage around in the dark! Could do with some of those little plastic containers you have in your basket! xx

    1. Jenny I need your advice on how to cope with early mornings and working/getting out the house! Feeling a bit apprehensive about the prospect of arriving at work looking even halfway presentable! X