Wednesday, 24 April 2013

No 7 Mineral Perfection Loose Powder Blusher

Wednesday Beauty Buys

This loose powder blusher is from the No7 range in Boots. 

There is always an offer on that brings the price of their make up down . I managed to catch a couple of offers that meant the items were extremely reasonable. The offers were Buy One get the second Half Price and also for each purchase you could get £3 off  if you had a voucher. 

As I was buying  four items it was best to buy two first - get the half price deal and use the £3 off voucher I had on the first two and I was then given another voucher that I could use to purchase my next items - again one half price and £3 off. 

The ladies in Boots are used to me and are very willing to always help me out. 

My other items were 2 eye shadows and a nail polish. I worked out that I paid 50p for one of the eye shadows with the deal. The nail polish cost me nothing and the second eye shadow only £6 - bargain. 

In other words what would have cost me £28 cost me £16!

The powder blusher retails at £9 and you can buy it here.

The powder blusher comes with a little brush which is surprisingly effective. I think I would use this if I took the blusher out in my bag as I tend to use my Real Techniques brushes at home. The No7 brush does tend to shed it's bristles on occasion which I do find annoying, but apart from that this is a great little product .

You swirl a little of the powder around in the lid and apply to the cheeks. A little tip to the ladies who find their cheeks are not as pert as they once were. I don't agree with the applying of blusher to the apple of your cheeks - this is why. 

If it is going southwards anyway why enhance it?

This is a lovely pale and subtle pink - perfect for summer. It may be too pale for those who are darker tone skin, but I love the pale sweep of colour it adds.

It lasts well and you can build the colour to make it a little richer if you wish. 

This is a lovely product - my first I have really tried from No 7 and I am actually very impressed. I will be going back for more.

What is your favourite summer blush?

How do you apply your blush? Apple of the cheeks or not?

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  1. Make up novice alert. I have a tube of blush gel from Clinique. It's as old as the hills and should be binned but I squeeze a tiny bit on to my finger tips and I mean tiny bit and then go round in a swirly circle on the apple of my cheeks or where I think it should go till there are no edges. Done. And I don't know what else to do so that's it for now and forever. I like the Bourjois blusher as well - get some on my finger and swirl around.

    I'm doing it all wrong aren't I?

    1. I expect it looks lovely on you which case dont change how you do it!! I played around a bit and think I do look better with blusher higher on the cheek bones ....but am I just convincing myself I will look younger when actually the downhill slide has well and truly started. Ha ha!! Xx

  2. That was really interesting...I have always put my blush on the apples of my cheeks! Time for a change I think? p.s. what a lot of lovely bargains you had too! xx

    1. I find his videos really interesting...he has some different ideas that I think are quite helpful. I might post some more.....might be a bit controversial. He always says if you are happy with it keep doing what you are doing though! Xx

    2. That's a great idea......I am all for anything that makes us look a bit better! xx

  3. Really like this colour xx

  4. It sounds good but I don't really use powder blushers anymore. I apply a dab of Bobbi Brown lip and cheek tint to the apple of my cheeks, I've never had good cheekbones and don't like the colour to look as if it is in a line, I go for the Aunt Sally look ha ha!

    1. Here hee! No a line is not good. I fluff it all out with a large powder brush afterwards too!

  5. I don't have the best cheekbones so I do apple of the cheeks. And I also do waaay too much bronzer which reminds me, I think my daughter nicked my brush....

  6. I love your approach to the offers and vouchers Claire- exactly my way of thinking! This blusher looks lovely - reminds me of my Bare Minerals blushes where you swirl and apply - the brush looks really handy too! I've always leaned towards the 'apple' approach - but have actually been trying to do the 'proper cheekbone thing' recently - probably very badly! (as you say everything is heading south!)The video is great - very helpful! Going to check out the Boots website now and have a proper feel for my cheekbones tomorrow! xx