Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Wardrobe on a Budget

It has to be done. 

I may be working to a tight budget at the moment with bricks and mortar in mind, but a girl's wardrobe is never far from her mind. I cannot ignore for long the lovely colours and fabrics filling the shelves and lookbooks of my favourite stores at the moment. As you know I have been selling on e.bay like a mad woman over the past few months. This is partly to clear clutter and unused items from our house and partly to restyle our new rooms. However, I was clear that if I chose to also sell some clothes and handbags, that money would be to clothe and rehandbag myself.

Rehandbagging? Is that a word? It should be. For bagaholics.

So, I've been on the ball waiting for the deals to arrive and arrive they did.

Style at Any Age tempts me every time with the Baukjen sales.

 I adore their clothes. 

I managed to get a lovely coral blouse and some blue trousers at 40% off on the first day of a diminishing sale. Early bird and all that.

H and M is a great wardrobe filler and always have some codes floating around. I find the store a little messy to navigate so tend to shop online as it is so simple and cheaper with the discount codes. I chose some vibrant blue ankle skimmers, some dark grey skinny summer trousers and an ochre lacy sleevless top which is yet to arrive. I got £5 off and free delivery with the 1304 code. There is usually a 25% off code floating around too if you google it. You can use two codes per basket.

I added to this an ivory lace top from Boden when they had a diminshing money off sale - again on the first day at 20% off and free delivery. A bargain.

I managed to sell two Karen Millen handbags on e.bay this week too and replaced them with a tan bucket bag and matching purse from Marc O Polo from the discount designer site Vente - Privee.

Some lovely spring items to look forward to. I shall post photos when they all arrive.

I am still hankering after this lovely jacket in my favourite grey marl and yellow ( and Sue's from Susie So So? ) , but funds have run out so it will have to wait...

Salma Zip Jacket

For me being careful and thrifty  is not about being cheap or penny pinching. It is about being wise with our money and making the most out of what we have to get what what we want need. There are some fantastic blogs that deal with living off the absolute minimum budget. We are thankfully through this stage of our lives, but I still like to get the most out of our money. Lets face it children are expensive creatures and we have 3 of them! Being careful in some areas means we can spend more in other areas if we so choose. Here are some of my favourite money saving sites:

Hot deals

Voucher Codes


Money Saving Expert

What is your favourite Spring purchase that you have made?

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  1. I am off to the Trafford Centre today with my daughter to get her Prom Shoes.
    My goal is to find some ideas rather than spend as I have just posted some clothes on ebay although I may give in if I find the perfect shoes for a black pencil skirt I intend to wear very soon.

  2. It definately has to be a navy jacket from H & M, and a paid of warehouse jeans.....bit boring i know but so useful, at least 3 wears a week each piece!! xx

  3. Hi there-well done on your selling and purchasing of new items, I also sold some things on ebay to pay for a new jacket and jeans from River island xx

  4. I'm just ebaying at the moment at the moment too. Got to fund that spring wardrobe!

  5. I have also had an ebay sale believe it or not and I bloody hate ebay! Loving my new Gap trench and white shirt at the moment, they have been a long time coming!