Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Worth My Pennies?

Barry M Gelly Polish, Palmers Natural Bronze Lotion and Maybelline Rocket  Volume Mascara 


One of the things I take a lot of notice of is the opinion of everyday people. It was and still is one of the things I love most about reading other blogs. I know I will get an honest opinion about a product or an item of clothing and whether it is worth trying or not. 

The trouble is I get tempted a little too much.

Oh well!

Each month I am going to do a post called,

 "Worth My Pennies ?" 

where I will review a few products that I have seen raved about and have decided to try for myself when they are on a good offer.

This month I have :

  • Barry M Gelly HI Shine Nail Paint ( 3 for 2 promotion at Boots)
  • Palmers cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion ( half price at Sainsburys)
  • Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara ( 3 for 2 promotion at Boots)

1.The Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint

This was part of the 3 for 2 offer at Boots so in my quest to convince myself there are good quality "cheaper" polishes out there I thought I would give these a go. 

The red polish was my first try . 

Two Coats
It goes on very thick indeed. However, for me one coat doesn't look quite "finished" enough and two coats is just too much. I found it very difficult to use as the brush picks up so much polish. My nails were somewhat messy. However the shine is incredible and it lasted a couple of days.

The purple was my second try.

One Coat

This goes on like kids poster paint. I didn't like the finish at all. It looked all wrong. I tried using this with just one coat, but there was not the shine I expected and the finish was uneven. I won't be wearing this again. Actually I took this off before leaving the house.

I also did get a chance to try the coral - same as above. Think poster paint finish, but thicker.

A lot of people really get on with these polishes. I guess I like a more "polished" finish ( pardon the pun) They are very stand out colours which is what they are meant to be - just not for me.

Verdict - Fail

2.Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion.

I am always a little nervous about tanning lotions. I am very pale so I will not get my legs out without a little colour on them. I have relied on St. Tropez gradual tanner in the past, but this is a little pricey and it takes a while to build a bit of colour, albeit a natural look. So I decided , on a half price offer at Sainsburys I would give this a go.

My first try was a little patchy, but I was a little rushed and didn't let the lotion soak in fully before I put trousers on. I reapplied this the following day and I am actually really pleased with the colour. It is not patchy or streaky and is easy to apply. In this case I can see why people are raving about it. I may even go back and pick up a few more bottles to get me through the summer! 

I will try and get my legs out in an outfit post and show you the results !

Verdict - Pass.

3. Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara

I will admit to having tried all three of Maybeilines latest mascaras. Out of the three of them I would say that this one is the best. It does build volume in the lashes and they do last. The brush is a good size and the bristles make it easy to apply.However, I do find it clumps a little too easily and can feel uncomfortably tight on the lashes as the day progresses. I know - I am particular. Beauty and pain and all that, but I'm sort of past that. I need my eyes to feel comfortable and this didn't quite do it for me. A good, bit not great mascara. I will use this up - eventually.

Verdict - Fail

So you can see I am a hard master to please with only, 1 out of 3 . Should have kept my money in my pocket ? 

A bargain is only a bargain if it is good quality. 

I'd rather spend a little more on a product I get every scrap out of than a cheaper one I am not happy with.

Lesson learnt ?


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  1. The thing is you don't know till you've tried it. I don't have much in the way of makeup so anything I have seems reasonable to me because I use so little of it. I couldn't resist the 3 for 2 offer on the Barbara Daly Tesco range and I'm pleased with my little buys. Nice perfect lipgloss, funny eyeshadow pen thing which doesn't shed powder everywhere and one of those eyeliner pens for poking your eyes out whilst trying to draw a dramatic unwobbly sweep. If nothing else, at the prices I paid, I can keep on practicising till I want to spend on some expensive stuff.

    I've not been drawn to the gel polishes as I imagined they would sit as a rather heavy layer and not be that easy to apply as well - you've just proved it for me thank you! And a great post.

  2. I think the Barbara Daly stuff always looks really good - I tried a lipstick and it was lovely. Yes to the gel polishes- I think I'd have been better off putting on the kids poster paints and a bit of varnish! It is a sort of look but not for me! I prefer more subtle - maybe it's an age thing too?

  3. I also have very pale skin so I may have to give the Palmer's lotion a try when my current gradual tan runs out :) xx

  4. I think that you know by know, that I'm all about red when it comes to nail polish.

  5. That's really interesting that you weren't fussed about the Maybelline mascara. It's always raved about in magazines, yet like you, I've never been very impressed. Great post!

    1. I held out as long as I could - I wish I hadn't bothered as I really don't think it is much to shout about. Getting fussy in my old age!

  6. I've never used any of these products but the tanner sounds good and I bet it smells great like the rest of the range x

  7. I've just bought two of the Barry M Gellies last week (I was drawn to the colour more than anything) - only tried it once and I quite liked it (I painted my nails in the middle of the night as I couldn't sleep in our hotel room!). Shame about the Maybelline mascara - it's the brush that has put me off. Palmers sounds good though - I have some Dove gradual tanner to use from last year but may give this a go once it finishes. xx

    1. The red is quite nice - I have got better at putting it on! I think some colours are better than others - it is definitely a different style of polish - a marmite one I think! Look forward to seeing your review too - what did you think of the coral one?

  8. This is a nice feature. Thanks you for sharing your yays and nays with us.
    As far as self tanners....I gave up on them! And tanning. I exfoliate, moisturize, sunscreen and then add a tiny bit of easily absorbed oil to my legs in the summer to go out.....I go out pale :)

  9. Great post, looking forward to lots more! I am keen to try the Palmers self tan as I have seen so many posts about it out in the blogosphere. I generally either use St Tropez gradual tan, like yourself, or the Garnier (Summer body I think it's called), but am keen to try another lower priced product. Think I will give this a go next time I pop some gradual tanner into my shopping basket. Thanks!