Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Quest for White Teeth

Wednesday Beauty Buys

Holywood Smile and Pro White Pearldrops

I have tried many remedies to whiten my teeth stopping short of having them whitened professionally. I have always returned to the same brand of toothpaste time and time again , although I always pick it up on a half price offer of course. I spent most of my early teenage years in heavy duty braces to get almost straight teeth and it seems a shame not to have them white!

I drink a lot of coffee which is not the best for your teeth I know, so to combat this and other stains I do use it daily. These Pearldrops ones retail at around £4.50 which I feel is a little pricey, although they do seem to last if you can keep them away from the hands of the kids! My teeth brighten immediately and are much whiter as a result. The taste is pleasant and there is no harsh feeling on either my teeth or gums. Some over the counter  whitening products use peroxide which can cause sensitivity and as I suffer from sensitive teeth anyway, I am reluctant to attempt this. Dentists recommend if you go down this route you pick a product that has the British Dental Health Foundation Logo on. This is a good site to look at if you are interested in Teeth Whitening.

I am not saying Pearldrops get the shade of white achieved by professional whitening, but I would suggest that the budget needed for the maintenance of this is not something many of us have. Peardrops certainly help remove stains and brighten my teeth by a shade or two. It is a white toothpaste with small blue flecks and has a mild mint flavour to it.

I usually just purchase the Daily Pro White option, but this time have gone for the Transform Holywood Smile as well to see if I get any different results here. I will let you know.I got 4 packs of toothpaste this time, plus a few other half price items and stocked up as they were on a half price offer at Sainsburys.

Do you use a whitening toothpaste?


  1. That's really interesting, because i was reading the other day about a toothpaste called Blanx...i think that is how it is spelled? It's about £7 but supposed to be amazing, but might try pearl drops instead much nicer prices!! xx

  2. I’m on the same quest for teeth whitening. I drink black coffee and also red wine, both terrible for teeth. So will definitely be giving this a try to help lighten them xx

  3. I've never used a whitening toothpaste with any great consistency, I have to confess, but will be interested to hear what you think of the Hollywood version. I drink a lot of green tea, which apparently stains worse than anything else, so I refuse to pay money to have them professionally whitened!

  4. ive never thought about whitening toothpaste just until now! Im struggling to get mine white but this is such a great tip! thanks for sharing im so glad i found your blog

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  5. I don't actually, although I suppose I should but my front teeth are crowns so it wouldn't work anyway silly me!

  6. I do use a whitening toothpaste but actually had my teeth whitened professionally a few years ago and the results were really good but do fade eventually. You get the trays so all I need is a tube of whitening gel from the dentist - if i can put up with the sensitivity again! Pearl Drops has been around for years hasn't it - interested to see how the Hollywood Smile works for you xx