Monday, 15 April 2013

Happy Birthday Dad.

80 Today!

We had all the family together to celebrate with Dad yesterday at his new home. It was a very poignant time . All 3 of dads daughters together and their children. He seemed content and happy.
 I had a feeling we needed to cherish it.  

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  1. Oh that's a lovely memory to cherish indeed. Sounds like he enjoyed it also, which is great. So nice that you were able to mark the occasion together. Avril xx
    PS amazing cake too! Was your dad musical in his younger days? x

    1. Yes - he even made a few of his own instruments. Funnily enough even though he struggles to speak or walk he can still play the harmonica quite well and the residents love to listen to him. X

  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad.. Coincidentally it's also my dad's birthday today :) just got off the phone with him as he lives abroad.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad - Claire! So glad he enjoyed the day - love the cake! It's my mum's birthday tomorrow - it is indeed to be cherished as you say! xx