Thursday, 11 April 2013

Nudes (or not)

Can you bear to part with your brights?

I am never one to follow a trend for the sake of it. There have been many a beauty trend that has simply sailed on by as I have decided I couldn't bow to it for one of a number of reasons :

  1. Too old
  2. Too young
  3. Too fat
  4. Too thin
  5. Too busy
  6. Too bloody minded
However the trend of nudes on the nails that seems to be more popular at present has coincided with my return into teaching. My daughter announced to me the other day 

"You can't wear nail varnish at school Mummy , it isn't allowed"

So I'm thinking maybe on the days I teach I should tone it down a little. I do kinda like my bright reds and corals and purples.

However, I have come to the conclusion that for me a very pale nail is only suitable if  my nails are in a good condition - mine, umm, at the moment, aren't. I find every split and mark shows through and unless your nails are scrupulously clean they look, well .......mucky. I went to a musuem once with the kids where they had a magnifying machine especially for looking under your nails - at the dirt - I thought mine were clean. 

I went home and cut them all REALLY short that day. I am still having flashbacks.

They probably would benefit from NOT being painted for a month or so to allow them to regain their natural colour and strength at the moment, but I doubt that will happen.

So my compromise is this - 666 intrigue by Jessica. A sort of pinky brown. Not bright and in your face, but not strictly nude I know. 

Middle ground - and covers a lot of messy nail!

You can buy a range of Jessica polishes At Nail Polish Direct at a reduced rate . You can buy Intrigue 666  here also, although it appears to be out of stock at present. John Lewis stock it at the higher price.

I also spotted Jenny from Beauty and the Biryani with a lovely similar colour on - check it out!

What is your nail colour of choice at the moment - nude or not?

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  1. I have really bad nails, and seem to split more if I put polish on....don't quite know why that would be? But anyway, I do love that nude colour on hands, but tend to go darker for toes,but maybe I will try nude toes this weekend to go with my nude tootsies ready for this weekend's heatwave!!?? xx

    1. Mine are worse after I wear a lot of polish! I may have just got myself my first pair of Baxter jeans from Topshop in Black after your last post!! They are fabulous! x

  2. I rarely do a nude nail, although I do like it. I did it on my toes last summer because I finally got a pair of sandals I had been lusting after all summer and in the campaign pictures of them, the model had nude toenails. I think the one you have on is a nice shade though xx

  3. I like it Claire - not too light, not too dark and covers things up! xx

  4. I have just got back from my local salon with painted nails - I had chosen nude too.

  5. I love the 666 colour and am going to buy this . I tend to wear very muted colours. Thanks for your kind wishes.

  6. Hi there- I really like this shade and the last but one in coral is also lovely too x

  7. I love nude nails and in particular in the Spring. Try Sand Tropez from Essie. Because their polishes are quite thick, they seem to have a sort of 'self levelling' property to them, a bit like concrete lol and I find this really helps with rough/split/bumpy nail beds. Also you could try a base coat which is designed to even out rough nail plates. I use a cheap as cheaps one which I picked up for £1 and it really does the trick.

  8. I shall look at the Essie one - Thank you! I love Essie polishes - I have their 3 in 1 coat too. I think I may be a little addicted!