Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Wednesday Beauty Buys

It's a minefield out there when it comes to concealers. 

There are just so many.

Different colours

Different textures.

Different uses.

I have a built up a little collection all of my own:

Collection2000, Bobbi Brown Corrector, Mac Studio Fix, Soap and Glory, Rimmel Match Perfection, Nip and Fab CC

The reason for this little collection  is that one concealer will not be the right colour or texture for every purpose:

  • You may need to conceal under eye bags ( tick) in which case you will need something with yellow or pink undertones to conteract the purple. The best one I have come across is the Bobbi Brown corrector. This is not a concealer as such, but a corrector. You apply this under your foundation and set it with powder. I use light bisque. It is best to go instore and get colour matched. This is an amazing product and worth all the hype it has got. 

  • Your skin tone will vary in different areas of your face. You may have darker tone skin and pigmentation in areas that are more exposed to the sun. Even if you wear a high sun factor ( which you should all year round) your skin will still turn a different shade when exposed to the sun's rays. The damage it does will just be reduced. Bear this in mind when shopping for concealers and foundations. Ask to be colour matched by an assistant. It is worth doing and saves you spending money on the wrong product.

  • For areas of pigmentation, scarring or the odd blemish a slightly more heavy duty concealer is needed. The ones I use are :

1. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in Fair. This is a lovely creamy concealer that works well when my skin is dry. This is very pale, but suits me at the moment. Under £5 too.

2. Mac Studio Finish Concealer. This is my go to product when all else fails and I have a week like last week. If my skin is terrible and I need to use a great, will never budge, cover all sins concealer, this is the one! A small pot of genius and worth the money. Again pick your colour carefully and if you can, be colour matched. I have NW20 .

  • A highlighter concealer is excellent for areas such as the nose and under the eyes, but not so good for covering blemishes - you don't really want to be highlighting them. I use: 
1. CC eye fix by Nip and Fab  which has had mixed reviews. I probably wouldn't repurchase this as it is so fair, but it does an adequate job. 

2. My other choice at present is the Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer by Collection 2000 which is a thicker, creamy conceler with better coverage. This is light reflecting. The Brightening Concealer in Natural 2 is a better colour for me now although looks scarily dark in the swatches below! It gives great coverage and for the fantastic price you can't go wrong. I would certainly buy this again.
I have two other concealers in my photo above. One is great. One not so much.

  • Match Perfection by Rimmel - a great product. I am on my second tube of this. It is a 2 in 1 concealer and highlighter. Slighter thicker than an illuminating product usually is, so gives great lasting coverage. This goes with me in my handbag- Love it! On my second tube of this one.

Here are the swatches. Bear in mind they always look darker on the inside on the arm which is often a very pale skin tone.

In the summer months I tend to wear a very light coverage and I  reach for my Dr. Jart's BB . Any other areas that may need concealing I will rely on the Bobbi Brown corrector for under my eyes and my match perfection by Rimmel. The powder I use is by Channel and is a real treat ! I think as I have got older the less make up I wear and I don't try and conceal any lines and wrinkles. They are part of who I am and if you try and cover them with heavy concealers they are only accentuated. Therefore a tinted moisturiser or a light BB cream topped up with concealers if needed are my go to routine. This is why my concealer collection is far bigger than my foundation collection! I think as we get older and our skin begins to reflect this, it is a case of less is more.

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  1. You've quite a collection there Claire! Love the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection - have 2 shades and am mixing them to get the right colour at the moment - it's the best I've used in a while as far as coverage and staying put is concerned. Think I'm going to have to try the Mac Studio Finish though - I like the 'never budge' theme! Also wanted to try the Rimmel Match Perfection - just not got round to it yet! xx

    1. I know!! It has taken a while to get the right shade - I'm so pale in the winter! I think you are right about the collection 200 - it is a fantastic product and so reasonable. I am using it all the time at the moment. X

  2. I know what you mean. I've had trouble finding just the right concealer, especially for the aging skin under my eyes. I've been wanting to try the Collection 2000 concealer for some time, but I'm unable to find it. Great post!


  3. I use Clinique Airbrush concealer! It's the best one I have used as its light in texture and brightening! It's a bit more expensive but lasts :) I haven't really tried Bobbi Brown, will have to get some recommendations from you!