Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What's in My Handbag

 I have been cutting back on the junk I carry around in my bag.


 I said it out loud.

I still have days when everything, but the kitchen sink comes with me, but as the children get older I need less. My bag is not full of wet wipes, snacks and emergency toys any more.

When I am teaching I have a large carry all bag for files, books and whatever resources I need for the day. My drinks and lunch bag go in there too.

So I have built up a little collection of smaller bags - how did that happen?

I have my purple zatchels satchel, which I love, but I get frustrated with the undoing of the buckles. Lazy ? Maybe.

Purple zatchels satchel

I have my gap bargain, green cross body bag. This is a lovely small bag - perfect for shopping days when you need your hands free!

Green Gap bag

Then there is my latest love. An impulse buy. A coral/red colour in leather from Next. At only £25 it would have been rude not to.

Coral Next leather bucket bag

The Contents

What's in my bag?

I still cannot cope without my notepads and diary. I am a writer. I do put my calendar into my ipad, but I have to write everything down too. I make lists and jot down notes as they occur to me. It is not quite the same dictating them into a phone. However I do use the Evernote app for lists and I find that helpful.

Every few days I have to decant everything and get rid of the stuff that has crept back in that I do not need. 

I still carry my ipad around when I am at the kids clubs - it means I can work as well as watch them play their sports!
The hand cream is the lovely freebie off a magazine this month from Neal's Yard. I love it and will probably repurchase when it is all gone.

I love this little make up bag. It only cost £5 and is just large enough for a small mascara, a concealer and a lipstick. Sometimes I can squash a few plasters and painkillers in there too if needed. 

The hand gel is a must when working in school - need I say more.

My purse is a Marc O Polo bargain - lovely and roomy. I can fit all my cards, stamps, receipts and coupons in here.

What would be your essentials to carry in a small bag?

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  1. Lovely bags there honey. I also get annoyed with buckles on the front of bags, it was the bain of my life when I had a Frendi B bag years ago, it eventually went on ebay! x

  2. I have had a good clearout of my bags lately and it just makes it far easier to find the essentials! I always keep spare lip balm and handcream in mine!
    ~Anne xx

  3. Love the blog, I carry way too much junk in my bag and was intrigued to see what other ladies have in theirs. I usually have a large bags and in them I carry, diary and pen (I am also a list person) blackberry, tablet (I have a craft business and keep pictures of my items for sale on there for potential customers)small earphones, make up bag (few items like concealer,powder,lipstick and small mirror) small brush,tissues,umberella,tic tacs,purse and keys.
    I have to blog this , Dawn

  4. I love the Next bag.
    I always have a notebook, pen, keys, purse and phone. Someties lipstick and comb.

  5. Wow.. Loving the coral Next bucket bag. I have had a look on the Next website and can't see it anywhere. How long ago did you buy it? I need this bag in my life :)

  6. I got it last week in store - they might not have it online. I think they had it in other colours as well, but once I saw this one that was it!

  7. Love the coral bag ... actually, love the green one as well! I also hate buckles on bags. Clearly I have no patience at all! My bag contains wallet, keys, iphone, lip balm, hand cream, tissues, umbrella (well, c'mon!!! I live in Ireland :)) and quite often, lots of other bits and pieces that accumulate over time. (receipts? Am I the only one who seems to gather a till roll worth of receipts at the bottom of my bag?) I really could do with giving them all a good clear out.

    1. Receipts seem to breed don't they - I have them too - yet when I want a certain one I can't find it!

  8. Purse. Phone. Keys. Tissues but I never remember them. The rest is surplus i.e the sweets, the old shopping lists, odd receipts, spare plastic bag, socks (don't ask) and lordy knows what else. I have simple needs - it's the rest of the family who lay claim to what else goes in my bag.

    But my bags are getting smaller. Hurrah!

  9. I love that satchel - I'd put up with the buckles! (my daughter just said she likes it too!). My handgel comes everywhere with me - it's just become habit now! Please tell me you have a few forgotten tissues knocking around at the bottom of your handbag as I do Claire - they seem to multiply! Love your new Next Bag - bargain! xx

  10. Oh it's great to see the red one up close - it's stunning! A bit like the Zara shopper but a much nicer size. You've some lovely bags but I'm with you on the buckles, which is why I've not got a Zatchels in my collection yet...but like Jenny G, if one just landed there, I'm sure I could manage! x

    1. I love the Next one - it comes in tan too ....oh the temptation! I think the zatchel may ( can't believe I'm saying this) end up on e.bay ! I'm too impatient for buckles! Or I may keep it for my little girl in a few years?