Monday, 27 May 2013

Shopping My Wardrobe

Rose Gold and Coral

I can't quite bring myself to give up the long sleeves and jeans just yet. The weather is lovely and sunny this weekend, but the temperatures are not enough to tempt me yet. We did use the BBQ to cook both evenings over the weekend though!

I have a bit of a love affair going on with Topshop Baxter jeans at the moment. They are so comfy and they do them in a 32" length so I am a happy bunny.

I am hankering after a white pair now the sun is beginning to appear to add to the grey and black pair I already have.

This coral cardigan is a lightweight Gap sale bargain. I love it. It is neither too hot, nor too cold. It looks equally good with a skirt as trousers and can be dressed up or down. I have worn it to work a fair few times as well.The sleeves are a proper length on me too - love Gap for long sleeves!

The tan sandals are my bargain from the end of last summer ( see here) for £10 and still going strong.

The necklace is a thrifted gift from a friend who knows my love of coral. The watch is a rose gold one from Next which I think was about £20. The hoop earrings are also rose gold and were £4 for 2 pairs , again from Next. Rose gold and coral are a lovely pairing. 

The bag is a new purchase confession. An impulse buy. I just couldn't walk away as it was leather, a lovely coral/red colour and only £25. I was powerless.

Coral cardigan -  Gap sale £19.99
Necklace -  Thrifted Free
Sandals -  Peacocks sale £10
Baxter Jeans -  Topshop £40
Watch, earings and bag -  Next £20, £4, £25

Total cost of outfit - £69.99
Total cost of accessories - £49

Do you have a favourite colour pairing this Spring/Summer?

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  1. Your bag is lovely Claire...great colour!Have a good week:)

  2. I always enjoy your outfit posts. Very cute!
    I'm not quite ready to give up the jeans/pants and long sleeves yet either!

  3. I love your outfit - some of my favourite colours.
    I love blue and coral together.

  4. What a pretty color on you!

  5. That colour looks really good on you, I think it's true that we are naturally drawn to colours that suit us. Hope you enjoyed the Bank Holiday, xx

  6. Love that outfit. You are so stylish in a very effortless way!

  7. I seem to be wearing striped tops and jeans this summer

  8. I've actually worn my t-shirts over the weekend - bare arms - what a novelty! Back in a jumper today though. I should look in Gap more often - used to shop there all the time but overlooked it somehow - love the colour of that cardigan. Going into Top Shop tomorrow so I must have a look at these jeans! Hope you've had a good Bank Holiday! xx

  9. Very well put together Claire and I love the tan sandals - can't go wrong with them as a neutral. I have to say my new favourite colour combo is green and blue. I've yet to find the perfect combo of the two but never fear - I shall!

  10. The coral and blue look great and love the bag! Can you believe this weather? I had a strappy top on over the weekend but have not yet packed away the winter woolies !
    x Dawn

  11. Lovely colours - perfect for this time of year when the sun is cautiously making an appearance. You are also the umpteenth person to praise Topshop jeans - I think it's time I tried them out!

  12. Great colours Claire - the bag just pulls it all together perfectly and at that price, why not eh?! Have a super weekend, Avril x