Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Wednesday Beauty Buys

I used to love a good can of hair spray when I was a young slip of a girl. I would spray in a load of "sun in" (remember that?) and then glue my frizz into shape with half a can of Silvikrin.

As sense dawned on me and I realised this was not the best look, I gave up on hair sprays completely.

More recently I have realised that , as with most things in life, there is a middle ground. There are some great flexible hairsprays out there that give volume and hold to your hair without the dreaded stiffness associated with hairsprays.

I don't know what the weather has been like where you are, but we seem to have had weeks of wind ( and I am not referring to the fact we are on a high fibre diet!). 

I am attempting to grow my hair for the last time and any gust of wind has the ability to make me resemble some unkempt Afghan Hound. 

So, hairspray has once again become my best friend. Only this time it is a more healthy relationship that has been tempered by the wisdom of time passing.

I have a few favourites that I use on a regular basis, but tried a fair few sample sizes to reach this decision. I like to be able to buy a sample size for a couple of pounds when all I want to do is try a product out. 

These are a few of my favourites:
  • Tresemme Ultimate Hold Touchable Finish - this is a very light spray that is barely detectable, but does give a fair degree of lift and hold, especially when styling. This is a great everyday spray when I want movement in my hair.
  • L'oreal normal strength hairspray - this is a firmer hold spray and you have to be careful not to overdo it. However it does brush out quite easily. This is a good spray if you are putting your hair up. It has quite a strong fragrance.
  • Boots hairspray firm hold - a basic, but good hairspray if you want a budget buy that will give hair some hold.
  • Sebastian re-shaper - brushable, humidity resistant strong hold hairspray. This is one of my favourite strong hairsprays. A little more expensive, but I can see why.
  • Sebastian shaper - zero gravity - dry, brushable lightweight control hairspray. This is my favourite spray. It doesn't dry the hair out, doesn't stick it down, but helps keep the style. Worth the money.
  • John Freida Shape and Shine. A good firm hairspray without the stickiness. 

At the moment I would say the two favourites are the Tresemme touchable finish for a bargain buy and the Zero Gravity from Sebastian for a salon buy.

Any suggestions for a good, but not stiff hairspray ?!


  1. I remember 'sun in' - it never worked for me as my hair was so dark - I was gutted! Also remember Silvikrin - I used to carry a large can in my (also large) clutch bag when I went out to nightclubs (don't ask!). I have masses of hair products but I think you have more hairsprays Claire! I like the sound of the Tresemme Touchable Finish - will have to try that one. Have used L'Oreal Elnett on and off for years - really liked my Percy and Reed hairspray but it was only a travel size and is finished. Your Sebastian sprays look good ones too. Am currently using Boots Exquisite Super Hold and Shine hairspray - it's £2.50 and works fine for everyday. Going now cos I'm waffling! xx

    1. My hair was almost yellow in the end - oh dear. Yellow and very upright. Oh dear oh dear.

  2. Aww lol yes I do remember sun in - the good old days.

    Having short hair which I need to style everyday I would be lost without my hairspray. I use Tresemme but I must admit I use the freeze hold - my hair is going nowhere :-)

    1. I do like Tresemme - think I may try some of the shampoo range as it is really reasonable too!