Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Matching or Not

Ok so I think we all know I am a bit of a Monika.

So, you can understand my inability to wear a different colour nail polish on my feet from my hands.

Oh yes.

As shallow as that today people!

I have to match.

Pink on my hands. Pink on my feet

Purple on my hands. Purple on my feet.

So at the start of the sandal wearing months here we go again......

Essie Boat House

To match or not that is the question?

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  1. Hi Claire,
    I always match my fingernails to my toenails. I know the style has been to not match, but I'm too old to follow rules I don't want to follow :) If you want to match them, go for it!
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

    1. I am a bit of a matcher with nail polish!

  2. Mis-matched I'm afraid Claire! I've not even got any polish on my toes at the moment - my feet are still in boots anyway! xx

    1. I think you would be really good for me Jenny!!

  3. Good on you! You know what suits you and what makes you happy. My hands so ghastly and fingernails are so short, I only paint my toes. But after many years of trying to do sloppy styles I am now doing more fitted (More monica?) my daughter tells me: you suit the neat and tidy stuff better, that's too untidy for you.

    1. I have just accepted that is who I am!! Ha!