Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Lotil Hand Cream - seriously good for sore hands!


At the end of a long winter my hands can get in pretty bad condition if I am not careful. I apply gallons of hand cream, but sometimes a little more is needed.

Warning -  graphic picture coming up!

I sometimes get deep cuts cross the tips of my fingers. This is a result of my hands being in and out of water constantly and not being very good about wearing rubber gloves! My hands are dry and I do use hand creams constantly anyway, but at times like this a little more is needed to heal those splits.
This cream is a little miracle worker. It is medicated so helps to heal any areas that are particularly dry or sore. 

It only costs around £3 for a 50 ml tube, but it is better value to buy a larger pot, which is sold here at Boots.

If you struggle with sore or particularly dry skin I would highly recommend using this product.

* I was not sent this product to review .This is a product I use and love.

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  1. Brilliant. I do have very dry hands mainly because I don't moisturise them like I should but I don't like lotions/creams which are "waxy". Does this absorb very quickly and is it scented? Another thing is I prefer unscented hand creams. And probably the only handcreams I can find which are non scented are always waxy which probably explains a lot.

    1. OOps - my reply is under the next comment - ! X

  2. Ouch I really hate dry sore hands there's nothing worse! I hadn't heard of this product so will definitely keep an eye out in Boots, I'm currently using a Lancome one and it's ok but a bit expensive for what it is- I'll probably stick with highstreet hand creams in future x

    Stacey| Beautiful Solutions

  3. I find my hands drink it up really quickly!! So yes it absorbs well. It does have a scent, but not a perfume, deliberate scent. I would say more of a faint medicated, menthol scent, but this disappears quite quickly for me. It is definitely a fuss free dry skin hand cream, rather than a fancy, nice smelling , pretty hand cream. It does what it says on the tin! My hands are always in and out of water with the kids and they suffer ( I am hopeless with the old marigolds!) This sorts me out when nothing else works!

  4. Shall definitely be trying this one, its hard trying to find a good hand cream for very dry hands xx

  5. Ouch poor thumb! I get through so much hand cream in the winter months, my skin really suffers xx

  6. That sounds really good, I think post winter hand's get so dry, and I always forget to moisturise! xx

  7. Sounds like a great product to have in Claire - your thumb looks really sore - get some rubber gloves on girl! I'm the same with my hands - they get dry and itchy and develop an excema type rash - although I do wear my rubbers - will definitely take a look at this! xx

  8. Oh, how interesting. I've never heard of this hand cream but will definitely be looking out for it. I often get psoriasis on my hands and don't like applying steroids too often. Something like this cream could be just what I'm looking for. Thanks.