Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Charity Bargains

Pleasure in the Small Things.

I managed a quick roam around a few charity shops last week. I am actually on the look out for some unique items for our extension so was particularly interested in looking at the crockery. I love finding unusual one off items, but sometimes it takes a while before you find a real gem. I only managed to pick a few items up this time, but was pleased to find a new charity shop a little further from home that still only charges as little as 10p for some items! I shall be returning.

Here are the crockery items I snaffled.

A lovely little jug for 50p. I wanted one for wild flowers to put on our table outside. This is perfect.

I love little plates for storing my rings or earrings in. This one is on my bedside table now. It cost me the grand total of 50p.

I also wanted a sturdy pot for the kids tooth brushes. They have broken so many I am loathe to spend money on a new one. This is an old cheese pot. Cost 50p.

We have a theme going on with some of our summer bowls of "fish" . I thought this would look bright and cheerful with a lovely salad displayed on in for all those days we will be eating outside in the Uk this summer :O Cost £3

I also found a lovely little Gap denim dress. I don't like the puff sleeves, but these have been pinned for sewing already. When I have got around to it I'll show you my bargain on. It cost me £2.99.

I find such pleasure in items from the charity shops. Often they are new or as good as. It just sometimes takes a bit of perseverance to get a gem. I also like the fact that my money is going to a good cause. I have a post on hints and tips on shopping at charity shops here.

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  1. I love your crockery finds - sme great ideas there. Look forward to seeing the Gap top.

  2. You have some great finds there. The crockery looks quite mundane before you show it in use as you intended - great vision! I think that's the key to charity shop shopping.

    Looking forward to seeing how you alter the dress. I also have a cap sleeved dress I'm planning to do something with, just not sure what yet - but it will involve altering the sleeves somehow! :-)

  3. You found some lovely bits there Claire...the flowers look fab in the jug:)
    ~Anne xx

  4. Love the jug and toothbrush holder - great buys! xx

  5. Ooh some wonderful bits there! I love my charity shops and often find some beautiful little treasures xx

  6. Love the jug, really sweet. It's nice to add flowers for al fresco dining! X

  7. I love the Fortnum and Mason cheese pot. I love the jug too. I collect white ironstone pitchers, and this would fit right in with the others.

    Sue xo