Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day

How I remember him.

Me and My Dad 15 years ago on my wedding day.

I still have my wedding dress and it fits...just. I love it as much today as I did then.

Dad is not doing so well in himself lately. He is struggling to walk and is very confused. 

This is how I try and remember him....walking me down the aisle.

Happy Father's Day Dad. 

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  1. Ah Claire you look absolutely beautiful! Your dad looks so proud -as pleased as punch bless him. Sorry to hear he's not keeping well xx

  2. I love your dad's smile...he looks very proud!!

  3. What a wonderful photo, and tribute to your dad. thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  4. Sending you love and light today, Claire. Your wedding photos are beautiful .xx

  5. Beautiful photos. Sorry your dad is not so well. Thinking of you. xxx

  6. Beautiful photos and memories there Claire x

  7. The photo of your father looking at you with such love is amazing!

  8. What a lovely idea to show your happy wedding photos on Fathers' Day. I'm sorry that he is not too good. The father/daughter bond is very special.

  9. Lovely photos Claire...sorry to hear your dad is not doing so well.
    ~Anne xx

  10. What great memories. Just lovely photos.

  11. So lovely you have this wonderful photo of the two of you on your wedding day ... I'm sure there are many more wonderful memories. In spite of current problems, I'm sure there will still be good, sweet events to make more lovely memories ... they'll be different, of course, but there is all kinds of beauty to remember. Been where you are, and you have my empathy.

    BTW, I really envy your wedding photos ... we hired a "professional" photographer for ours and he had a "nervous breakdown" some weeks after our wedding. Never got a single picture! And yes, I'm sure it wasn't Bridezilla behavior that gave him hysterics. I was an angel. Really.

    1. What a shame!! I do remember dancing with my Dad at my wedding, but I can't find the photo I had of that - still have the memory though ! It's a hard path when parents are sick isn't it? Thank you for caring! XX

  12. Gorgeous photos, beautiful memories. Xx

  13. Such special memories to have - lovely pictures of both of you together on your wedding day.

  14. So sorry to hear your dad isn't doing so well. Lovely picture of you both and remember those times. Memories will stay with us xx