Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wednesday beauty Buys

TK Maxx Beauty Bargains

TK Maxx - Sometimes it is a winner, sometimes not, but I must admit to loving a bit of a rummage through the shelves of the beauty section .It may be full of a load of battered products that aren't worth a second glance, but I always look behind and under what is there as you never know what you may find.

Three full size Nails inc polishes for £12. Yes please.

I picked these up a little while ago, but haven't used them yet.

A lovely blue that I will use on my toes when I am using a clear polish on my finger nails. A gorgeous coral, need I say more, and a summery, dusky pink. perfect.

I have given my nails a whole month off being painted and they are in a much better condition for it . I was finding that they were flaking and breaking easily. I am being better at wearing gloves when I am cleaning to protect my hands as well.

Nails inc are a lovely quality polish and I do find it lasts well. However, yes I'm fussy , I know, but it is a little sheer for my liking and I find that to get the lovely finish these polishes give I have to put three coats on. Maybe that's why they last so long? Three thin coats is better than two thick ones? Hmmmm.

 I always use an undercoat and a top coat and at the moment am using the bloggers favourite Seche Vite  and Seche Base . I got mine a few months ago from Beauty Bay on a 3 for 2 offer ( no longer on this 3 for 2 offer) so I also got the Seche Restore to try and revive some of my favourite polishes that are no longer available. It works fairly well, but does reduce the quality of the original polish. Beauty Bay have a sale offer on their Seche Vite and Seche Base at the moment.

So, finally after a month of not painting my nails it had to be coral.

Nails Inc Coral

Of course I have to matchy match match.

Silver Birkenstocks - TK Maxx

I am still loving the coral tones this "summer".

Any good recommendations for new nail colours that you are loving at the moment? I'm always up for a new bottle of polish!

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  1. How did I know you'd go for the coral Claire! I don't go in TK Maxx very often I must admit but you've certainly got a bargain there - lovely colours!(Love the Birkenstocks too). I do envy your neat nail paint job - I must practise more and wait til you see my next NOTD post - you'll laugh at my messy nails! What's the Seche Vite and Base like? - I'm still on the hunt for the 'best' one! xx

    1. The seche vite is good - dries very fast, but I don't find it any better at preventing chips than any other if I'm honest :( My favourite by far has to be the Orly Top 2 Bottom - that is amazing- it makes my polish last loads longer. Usually on my hands I have chips on day one with any other top coat, but with the Orly one it would last 3 or 4 days! Worth the extra money I think!! X

  2. TK Max do have some amazing bargains, it's just that you need to spend so much time there to check out their stock! Well done you to find the Nails inc looks fab! xx

  3. Great colors of polish, Claire.
    I'm so lazy...I'll do my toes, because they last so much longer than my fingernails.

  4. Just read on moneysavingexpert there are 3 nails Inc polishes for £11, bit of a pick & mix if interested! I'm into the rubber gloves too at the moment trying to preserve my hands more than nails though!!
    Lovely colours, tk maxx is great but nightmare at times xx

  5. Oh that colour is gorgeous! And I'm a matchy matchy girl too who is currently a bit stressed that my toes are grey and my fingers are pink. Going to fix it today! Ax

  6. You're right you really do have to search out the gems when in TK Maxx. I saw these three polishes in my local branch and was very tempted, but as I currently have 3 corals on the go, I though I'd better resist! x