Saturday, 27 July 2013

Beauty Tip of the Day

Get Your Feet in Tip Top Condition

I don't know about you , but I am one of those people who BOTHER.

By bother I mean , bother about my clothes and hair and make up.

I enjoy deciding what to wear.

I like buying new items.

I love getting a new colour on my hair - in fact I am not sure what colour my hair would be now if I left it alone - probably very grey.

I feel great when my skin is in good condition.


As you get older it takes longer doesn't it ....doesn't it?

So ...

I approach this a bit like housekeeping - a little and often .

Apart from my daily routine (more on this next week), which like the basics of housekeeping - the cooking, the washing up, the making beds etc has to be done every day , I do extras on a regular basis .

Each Saturday I will be doing a Beauty Housekeeping Task to keep on top of my skincare routines. 

Join me if you wish! Or Laugh at my decadence!

This week I suggest Tackling your Feet for a mid season sort out.

  • Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water with a drop of oil to soften.
  • Rub away dry skin with a pumice stone or similar
  • Use a natural based scrub on your feet to smooth and exfoliate
  • Rinse in cool water and dry.
  • Massage in some cream - I use Body Butter from The Body Shop, but only because I love it.
  • Use a cuticle cream to tidy up cuticles and a file to shape your nails - remember to file in one direction only - I use the buffing square from Boots
  • If required give your nails a couple of coats of nail polish to finish , using a base and a top coat to  get it to last longer.


Feet after washing - I couldn't inflict the pre washed ones on you! The bruise is courtesy of my son's size 8's!

After Body Butter and Filing

After Painting

After Top Coat


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  1. I hear you - I'm definitely one of the people who bother with it as well! I always do my nails, both fingers and toes. I love your red nail polish!

    1. Thank you! I do as well - finger nails too and always matching - don't know why!!

  2. I do bother about 'stuff' and paint my toenails but it's usually a rush job and never seem to find enough time to do my feet properly Claire with the scrub and cream etc - always seems to be something more pressing that needs attending to (like another pile of washing etc!). I must make the time! xx

  3. Me too Jenny! I have so much nail polish on my white duvet cover from painting my nails last thing at night it looks a right state! It's always last minute so I've decided each Saturday to do something for me - my feet have been smiling at me all day - I actually did this this morning! X

  4. My feet could really use some pampering now :) I bother too but I wish I could have enough time to spoil myself a little too :)

    1. I've decided I have to make a bit of me time - I read your post about your beautiful nappy cake - you should definitely make more! XX

  5. I actually have a Sunday night bath and feet ritual. Where after a soak in the bath, I do my feet as the nails are soft and just perfect for cutting/trimming or anything. And then I get to start the week with fresh toes. Tonight's the night - all change!

    1. I used to have loads of baths - then I had kids and now I never have a bath. If I do, I always get interrupted and I hate that! Don't worry I do shower - early mornings though!! My feet feel great still this morning - note to self - must look after feet better! Maybe I'll go back to the bath ritual now my kids are older - maybe they'll leave me alone....yeah right.

  6. Oh Claire, you must go back to the bath ritual! I LOVE it ... I shower every morning, so the bath is all about indulgence and bubbles and just having a little time to yourself. Like Sue, this is also when the feet prepping takes place. Great post .. loved the final pic 'Happy Feet'. Made me smile :)

    1. I will dream about the day!! Trouble is now the kids are older they are up later - they don't tell you that in the kids manuals do they!! Sigh!

  7. I'm on a roll now....what it is with husbands who work from home too? In theory , great, but he's always here....I mean ALWAYS! Never a moment of quiet. How did I get from baths to that? Dunno. May take a bath now and let them all sort themselves and the builders out! Wish me luck!