Friday, 26 July 2013

Frugal Friday - Bulk Buying

Saving time and Money

When I can, I buy in bulk, if it works out cheaper to. Sometimes you can get brand named goods for a better deal by buying in bulk. I will travel to a large store called Macro once a month, if I can combine it with another trip, and stock up on some of the essentials we use on a regular basis.

However, even here I take my calculator and work out what is the best deal and if I am actually paying more than I would at Lidls. 

Never just assume.

I avoid end of aisle offers nearly all the time now. There is almost always a better deal to be had further down the aisle.

Highland Spring - worked out at 25p a bottle

Vanish - Buy one get one free £5.99 each


Sports Drinks for tennis tournaments - these are £1.20 individually at our Sports Club. I got 12 for £6.99


£4.99 for 24

I won't bore you with photos of all my shopping, but you get the idea! The pennies I save grow into pounds and so on. My biggest issue at the moment is storing things so I am having to limit how much I do actually bulk buy. Usually at the start of the school summer holidays I would stock up ad fill the freezers too so I don't have to go shopping much over the holidays. I'm not sure what my strategy is yet this year with builders to share the summer with ....

....just survive and get through I think!

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  1. I know I should do more bulk makes perfect sense with a large family. My late mother in law always said it and she would know having had 8 kids! Hope you enjoy the weekend Claire:)
    ~Anne xx

  2. Hi there! Wow you bagged some great bargains, the water is excellent value!!

  3. Sadly I wouldn't have the room to bulk buy larger sizes like this and don't have a Macro nearby but there are some amazing savings there!