Monday, 29 July 2013

Keeping Fit with The FitBit Zip

Healthy Lifestyle

As you know we have been attempting to improve our health by following the Eat Clean principles by Tosca Reno. You can see some of my previous posts here and here.

However, I have found despite generally eating well,  I am missing exercise and activity. It is very easy now all my children are at school to become a lot less active and I can no longer rely on the running around after a toddler to keep those extra pounds off.

I have got myself a couple of gadgets to motivate me to move and to tone up. I don't have the time to re join a gym now I am working so my efforts need to be a little more directed. My approach is a four pronged attack:

  1. Swimming 3 - 4 times a week alongside children's swim lessons when it fits.
  2. Daily shake weight 6 minute work out - review coming.
  3. Crunches on the fit ball.
  4. Daily use of the FitBit Zip.  This gadget tracks your steps, distance and calories burned. It then syncs those stats to your computer or selected smartphone.

Review of The FitBit Zip

For someone who thrives on challenge this is an ideal gadget for me. It means  I can set realistic targets that fit into my busy day that increase my activity level. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you did more than yesterday! The FitBit Zip was kindly given to me to review from Mobile Fun and came just at the right time to quick start my motivation again. I have been flagging a bit with the building work we have going on at home and it is easy to give in when you have limited cooking apparatus and space to exercise.

As is usual with Mobile Fun the gadget arrived the day after ordering, neatly packed and clearly labelled. I can't fault their service!

It contains :

The FitBit gadget

The FitBit Zip is Happy!

A Flexible cover

A battery remover and battery

A Wireless dongle

The FitBitZip

To operate it you log onto, download the software and install Fitbit Connect to sync your tracker with

You track your steps, the distance you have travelled, the calories you have burned and you earn badges for certain achievements. It logs your very active moments and gives you the opportunity to connect with your friends to see how they are doing as well. You can input data on meals to gain information on calories consumed as well. It is really completely up to you. 

I have found it very flexible. I have used a basic step monitor before, but this is quite simply in a different league. You firmly tap the screen to read the  screen. It is a robust little gadget and much smaller than I thought it would be. I often forget I have it on  as it is so light and small. My husband is now hankering after one!

I have loved using this on the days I have had it so far. It is very small and discreet and fits anywhere on your person. I tend to clip it to the waistband of whatever I am wearing. I like that it is accessible to anyone as an aid to increase daily fitness, not just those who are gym bunnies or marathon runners! It measures all of your daily activity and as a Mum a lot of my activity does still come from racing around with my kids. I find when I am wearing it I consciously up my activity so I can get a higher score than previously. For example I walk the long way round the block to the shop , or run up the stairs. It has surprisingly motivated me to take better decisions about my activity during each day. I've yet to see whether it has helped shift those stubborn few pounds or not!

FitBit Zip on skirt waistband - very discreet.
I will keep you informed of the targets I reach and how I am doing with the FitBit Zip after a few weeks.

You can buy The Fitbit Zip from Mobile Fun for £49.99 here.

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  1. Looks like a handy little gadget Claire - be interesting to see what I'd score although I don't run up the stairs I do tend to race around at a fast pace. I am a gym goer as you know though - if I wasn't I'm not sure I'd discipline myself to exercise! Looks like you've got it sorted though! Well done on the crunches - hate exercising on the ball - always feel like I'm going to roll off! xx

    1. I used to go to the gym 4 times a week , but I just don't get there now :( I also have a cross trainer at home that I hang my clothes on :) Ooops. I hear you on the ball - I'm better since I did Pilates, but boy does it hurt at the moment trying to stay on. I don't think I have any core muscles left. There is much work to be done!!!! You'd put me to shame at the gym. xx