Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Top Three Nail Polishes

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My Winners.

I am a tiny bit fond of nail polish.

I have rather a collection of lovely colours, but I do have some favourite brands. 

This is based on:

  • colour
  • application
  • brush
  • durability
  • value
I always use a base coat and a top coat and my favourite by far is the one by Orly - Top 2 Bottom . It gives a rock hard finish to the nails and if you struggle to get your polish to last longer than a few days then this is a good topcoat to try.

So the first of my top 3 polishes is from the Orly range. I love the durabilty of these polishes. They really do last. They go on so smoothly and the depth of colour is fabulous. The bottle size is large and I love the rubber top on these bottles that make them easy to handle. A real favourite.

Orly Polishes

 Next is the blogger's favourite, Essie. I love the colour range that Essie offer and that they are available in Boots and Super Drug. The brush size make these polishes very simple to apply and the consistency is smooth and even. They are often on offer so are a really good value little polish. I have quite a collection of these! I don't find they last as well as the Orly polishes, but a good top coat helps.

Essie Polishes

My third brand is Jessica. The colours they have are so pretty. The consistency of these polishes are superb and I love the finished look of them. The brush is a little thin, but if you can work with that, these again are a lovely polish.

Jessica Polishes

Favourite Nail Polishes

I have learnt that my nails really benefit from a break from being painted. I had a month free of nail polish and they really were in much better condition for it. I find polish lasts a lot longer if your nails aren't flaking to start with - even if you have prepared them they still don't take the polish as well.

I also find if you let each coat dry for a bit before adding the next coat this seems to give a better finish and your polish will last longer.

Do you have any tips on making your manicure last?

Do you have a favourite brand of nail polish?

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  1. A good selection but I am afraid I am a Shellac junkie and even bought the lamp to do it at

    1. I love shellac, but I like changing the colour too often too! Lamp at home- what a good idea! x

  2. I'm a Shellac junkie also I'm afraid, but I do my own toe nails. I like the Jessica range also. I used some Nails Inc recently and found it disappointing. More difficult to apply and didn't last as well as the Jessica polish

    1. Orly Top 2 Bottom is next on my list to try Claire. Not tried any Orly or Essie polishes yet but will do at some stage. I do have a Jessica polish in a lovely pink which I like a lot (it was a freebie from a salon a while ago too!) xx

    2. I agree with the Nails inc - it is not as nice as some of these other cheaper polishes. Orly is amazing - I have finished a whole bottle of the top 2 bottom and want another, but got tempted to try the seche vite which I dont think is as good! I do love shellac Helen too , but I'm so rough on my nails I chip it after 2 weeks and it is expensive to keep redoing it - a lamp at home sounds a good idea though!

  3. My top tip on getting nail polish to last is, forgo the housework! lol! And I'm in the bloggers camp with my favourite being Essie :)