Friday, 19 July 2013

Frugal Friday

Spending what you earn on what YOU want

I have been so touched by the number of e.mails I have got recently from people commenting and thanking me for my posts I have done on budgets and meal plans etc. I have had people saying that they have changed the way they shop and saved themselves a load of money in the process. Fabulous stuff!

 It has been really encouraging to receive such lovely feedback -  thank you.

One lady who has contacted me recently to say Hi and talk blogs has started her own blog, Sheepskins and Fairylights , pop over and say Hi and leave her some encouraging comments. She gets up to some great adventures and takes some beautiful photos too. 

I realise that my blog is a bit eclectic - a  mish mash of things, but the common theme is always getting a better deal. We all like to make the most of our money. It is not about being cheap or about buying cheap. I like to get quality items for a good deal. I am quite happy to spend money on a designer handbag - if it is something I adore and have saved for and will cherish for years to come. I'd rather do that than buy 20 cheaper ones that I will discard when they break in a few months! Here is a post on when spending more is sometimes the better route!

It is about choice. 

I chose this MK watch for my birthday - I will cherish it for years to come!
It is my money and I want to have the choice about where and how to spend my disposable cash ( what is left after the bills!)

Here are some of my thoughts:


I've learnt the hard way with clothes that less is more (!) It is no use buying a load of tat in the sales because it is cheap. It is usually cheap for a reason. I like to save my money now and spend it on the things I really want. I am much more reasoned about my spending and will look in stores and then often order online where there are vouchers and deals to be found. I often set myself a target for a particular more expensive item , then sell things on e.bay or at car boots to help fund the purchase. Here are some of my tips in a previous post.

Latest Car Boot - to fund items for the new kitchen!

 A Gap dress from a Charity Shop


I am learning with my beauty items. I have an obsession with taking care of my skin and do spend money on good quality cleansers and moisturisers. However, there are deals to be had in the drugstores on make up products with some amazingly good dupes for branded products.

Mua Palettes from Superdrug - great value
Beauty Blender Dupe


This is where I find I can really go to town and beat the retailers. I've learnt a few of their tricks to get us to spend more and I refuse to be drawn in. I have a large, hungry family and to feed them well and within a budget I follow some basic rules that you can read about here and here.

We are choosing to be careful about how much extra we spend at the moment as we are having a rather large extension built. We have saved ( and saved) for this, but it is never enough is it? I may light heartedly moan about cash flow, but I am delighted where our money is going. I have waited a long time for this ! It was the push to return to work that I needed and I am loving it. The money has certainly been needed.

So to my lovely encouragers - thank you! I shall continue to witter on. This is my little corner to let out some of the frenetic muddle that is whizzing round my brain. 

Thank you for reading and for responding . 

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  1. Great post and I love mish mash blogs.
    I am off to do an itinerary of the freezer now and try and make our meals from there for the rest of the week.

  2. Nobody loves a bargain more than me and although I often pay a lot for certain items, I still love to get a good deal and am always frugal with everything in the house x

  3. I still think I could be better at saving where food and household bills apply! I love your watch Claire:) Hope you are having a great weekend.I will check out your new blogging friend now!
    ~Anne xx

  4. I agree most people are cutting back.we are looking and appreciating other things in life beside money.

  5. everyone has their "thing" they splurge on. mine is my hair cut and color. trust me, it looks awful when done at a cheapie place or at home!

  6. As you know I love your blog, that it is a lifestyle blog & covers so many genres. I have certainly started to make differences to the way we eat & meal plan now, all as a result of your blog. I had already discovered Aldi which literally halved my shopping bill.
    So Claire, BIG thanks, xx

  7. As you know I love your blog, that it is a lifestyle blog, covering so many genres.
    I have made changes to the way we eat and meal plan. I had already discovered Aldi which literally halved my shopping bill.
    Of course I have my treats like anyone but am trying to be more frugal!!!
    So Claire, BIG thanks for the advice you so willingly share, xx