Monday, 21 January 2013

A Bargain Frock

And a bargain meal.

We went out for a meal on Saturday night. Just the two of us, for my husband's birthday.

 My mum had organised it. She babysat, paid for a taxi and gave us the money for the meal as a present for hubby. 

The restaurant is a very popular one around here, but also a little pricey so we were very grateful. Unfortunately, we were kept waiting for our meal for almost an hour as they had a very large party in just before us. It didn't matter one jot to us as we had no kids and made the most of the time chatting and laughing. However , the knock on effect meant that there was no time for pudding as the taxi was due. The manager very kindly decided that that wasn't acceptable and wiped the whole bill! 

So we are going back in a months time for  rerun, hopefully with pudding.

I wore my bargain Karen Millen dress that I picked up last year from e.bay. It is a wool mix and I love wearing it. I wore it with my knee high Fly boots as the restaurant is an old building and often a little cold.

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  1. Yes, you have to go back for the pudding : > Sounds like a fun evening nonetheless, and you look terrific. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. What a great dress! It looks beautiful on you. You hair looks really pretty in this photo too.

  3. Wow - what a great deal. The dress looks lovely on you. I have just picked up two cardigan in the KM sale one £20 and the other £30. Reduced from £95 and £110.

  4. Love your knit dress and it's very flattering on you. What a nice restaurant to do that for you. I hope you have another enjoyable night the next time you go, with pudding!

  5. That dress is gorgeous on you .. what a super figure you have! Glad you enjoyed your evening and what fabulous service from the manager!

  6. You look gorgeous, the dress suits you very much! I'm glad you got to go out and enjoy yourselves!! xx

  7. Definitely got to go back for pudding! Dress/boots look lovely by the way.

  8. I love the colour combination of your bargain dress. One of those useful dresses you can wear over and over.

  9. Beautiful dress!
    How nice that you'll be able to go back and hopefully, enjoy the pudding next time! Happy belated bday to your hubs!

  10. A beautiful dress, I love the stamping.

  11. I love that dress Claire (and those Fly boots - as you know!). Must be good to get out just the two of you - we don't manage it very often. I can't do without my pudding - hope it arrives next time! xx

  12. Your dress is very Missoni - how fab especially if you got it for a bargain price. I'm with Helen - you've got a fab figure. Show it off! Keep the clothes piccies coming - I can't cook but I can look at pretty dresses all day!

    1. I love Missoni - aim to own something one day. I have some sunglasses that I got cheap, but would love a jumper or a scarf or a rug.......... aw and thanks both about the figure - was sucking the tum in a bit! Xx

  13. Well boo for poor service but YAY for doing it all over again...hopefully the food was good and you are excited for a doover!
    LOVE that looks like Missoni...beautiful on you!!!

  14. You look good! Love the dress! Aren't mommies great! My mom babysits the kids so that hubby and I can go out sometimes!

  15. You look lovely Claire! Nice to get another meal out again next month:)