Thursday, 17 January 2013

The simple things....

in life.

I feel at the moment we are enjoying a little of the calm before the storm. We had the builder around yesterday to talk dates and money. 

The start of the work to the house is looming.

I know it's coming and I am dreading it. I love my house to be in order. I like organisation. I know there will be mess. I know there will be noise. I know there will be disagreements. 

I will try and keep the end result in mind. I will be posting on our progress on a Thursday if you want to follow along.

For the moment I am enjoying simple pleasures like these bunches of tulips for £2 from Lidls.

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  1. Lovely tulips Claire:) Your house will be fabulous when it is finished!!
    ~Anne xx

  2. Oh I love tulips! And despite the disruption, it will be soooo worth it when the house is finished. I will definitely be following the progress ... it will be like a slow-motion Sarah Beeny programme :)

  3. Cannot wait to follow the progress. I know that feeling - I too like my house to be in order and I have had work done on both this house and a previous one and I found it really hard going, I get very stressed out with 'strangers' in my house BUT I'm so glad I had the works done. When it gets too much, hop onto Pinterest or grab a homes and interiors mag. Just think how long you have waited and how hard you have saved for this, it will be worth it in the end!

  4. So looking forward to buying my first proper spring flowers!

  5. A bargain bunch - makes me think of spring. We had a lot of building work last year and it wasn't as bad as I thought and worth all the mess!

  6. I really must get myself some flowers - These look lovely :)

  7. Love tulips Claire - these are gorgeous! You'll cope fine with the upheaval - it will all be worthwhile and you'll have so much more storage space I imagine? I like my house to be orderly but it rarely is - I could do with some tips! Can't wait to read all about it! xx

    1. i can't wait to get some storage space. We have one built in cupboard in our whole house at the moment! It drives me mad as you can imagine - I've been ruthless throwing stuff out so we can store things under beds and in chests! I am going to put cupboards and shelves everywhere!!!