Wednesday, 30 January 2013

 Wednesday Beauty Buys

Sugar Rose Lip Treatment

This is just a quick Wednesday review from me today as inevitably my children have all decided to catch my germs and are now off school running me ragged. So much for recuperating in peace! 

This lip treatment came in my Birchbox this month and I will definitely be repurchasing it. It gives a lovely deep rose tint to the lips at the same time as moisturising them . The best thing was it performs more like a lip product, than a lip balm. In other words it is not sticky or greasy and the colour stays for a decent amount of time.

This has a permanent place in my handbag, but I am already half way through it. They are not easy to get hold of in the UK, but you can source them through Amazon. 

American readers can buy this product from Sephora in various shades.... lucky you!

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  1. That looks lovely Claire:) Hope you are all getting better! Nothing worse than being stuck in sick at this time of year!
    ~Anne xx

  2. Looks great! I really hope you get to feeling better, that's usually how it goes! x

  3. With this harsh weather I'm always on the look out for lip treatments. I love Sephora - I wish we had it here too.

  4. Poorly kids - I feel for you. Hope you're okay and recovered from your bout though.

    The colour on this lip treatment looks lovely. I'm starting to get interested in make up. About time too.

  5. Love the idea of this Claire - the colour is fab too! xx

  6. Love the look of this treatment Claire - gorgeous colour! Hope the kids are better soon! xx

  7. I love this! You can also buy by phone/in person from Fresh in Marylebone High St in London but the P&P costs are a bit steep. I got a friend who was going to Vegas recently to pick me up a mini set and I love it - blogged about it too x