Friday, 18 January 2013

Quick and Easy Pasta

Frugal Friday

Chorizo Tagliatelle with Sun dried Tomatoes

A quick , inexpensive meal does not need to be tasteless or unhealthy. So often I heard mums at the school gate saying they needed to have kids freezer food as standby for those days when they didn't have the time to cook. 

I am quite outspoken at times and always found this one a hard one to keep quiet for.

A microwave meal , or fish fingers can take 10 minutes to cook.

Oven chips take 20 minutes.

Fresh pasta takes 4 .

Salad is ready in the fridge.

Chorizo just needs chopping and tossing in a pan for a few minutes.

I'd rather serve my kids this

than this....

Chicken nuggets, chips and beans #comfortfood #nostalgia #food

Chorizo Tagliatelle with Sundried Tomatoes


Half a Chorizo Sausage
1 pack of bacon lardons ( or chopped bacon )
1 pack of  pork sausages ( optional)
Chili olive oil 
Sun dried tomatoes
Any leftover meat you have from the Sunday roast! 

Tagliatelle or spaghetti. ( as much as you need for your family)

Fresh herbs if available 
Grated cheese (optional to serve)
Chilli Flakes ( optional)

 If you want to make this a little more fat free cut out the sausages, use chicken and use bacon with no rind instead of bacon lardons. Good quality olive oil is full of monounsaturated fat that can help lower cholesterol. This recipe is as flexible as you want it to be.


Grill sausages if using them.
Slice Chorizo sausage and pork sausage, chop up any leftover meat .
Throw all meat into a large pan ( I use a large wok) with some chilli oil and fry gently.
After a few minutes add 4 or 5 chopped sun dried tomatoes with some of the oil they are in. 

Cook Taglietelle.

When cooked . Turn the heat off both pans.
Drain pasta and toss into pan with the meat. Toss around until the pasta has absorbed the juices. 

Serve immediately with grated cheese, fresh herbs and a green salad.

If extra hungry, the meat mixture is yummy as a sandwich filling in freshly made,warm homemade rolls.

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  1. Looks super yummy :) Have a great weekend doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  2. Completely agree with you re the frozen meals .. yuck! And if anyone is in any doubt, I think your two contrasting pictures say it all!!

  3. Looks marvellous Claire! My kids love pasta (most kids do don't they?) with most sauces and chicken and tuna etc - in fact they've had a big spaghetti bolognaise tonight - going to try this recipe out on them! xx

  4. I was waiting for you to go "ta day!" at the end which is how I feel whenever I cook a meal and put it infront of anyone. It's the fact that I hate cooking so each bit of cooking I do on a daily basis is a bit of an ordeal. Looks like a good recipe though but I'd have to to do it without chilli oil as the kids are not up to the spice factor yet.

    Wish the Grumps would do more cooking. He only cooks the odd meal at the weekend now or when we have friends around - yet he's the good cook in the house and loves his cookbooks. I don't own a single cookbook. All 50 or more of them are his.

    1. Same here - wish my hubby would cook. He makes an almighty mess, but I so appreciate the night off. He is meant to be cooking every Sat night - we will see if that lasts....