Saturday, 12 January 2013


A New Year

For me , one of the first things that sprung into my mind this year was .... "Well here we go again , another 365 evening meals to think of!"

When you have a family to feed and you are the one to cook, it is relentless. My children consume food like the rubbish truck does garbage. I am convinced that sometimes they just inhale it. I put it on the table, blink and it's gone. Most mealtimes I will be asked the question " Mum , can I have that potato, extra chicken wing, yorkshire pudding etc on your plate." I used to defend my food, but I've realised it's fruitless. 

The battle is lost. 
New Baby Bird Rehabbers

They are only going to get bigger and hungrier. I've learnt to cook large quantities of filling, family meals. I plan because I can't cope with getting home at 6 and having to think about what to cook with whinging children round my feet who I then give in to and they fill up on the wrong food before dinner. 

But 365 meals - that's a lot....and that doesn't include breakfast, lunch and supper ( yes they have sandwiches before bed too.)

So imagine how happy I was when my hubby announced that he was going to cook on Saturday nights. Although he took a bit of convincing that cooking meant not just for me, but for the children as well, he is taking it in his stride and tonight he is the official Chef. He is not the tidiest of cooks, but who cares.....

I get a night off cooking!

Can't wait. 

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  1. Fabulous - I hear you totally. We have friends coming over for early dinner and the Grumps has just donned the apron. I never cook when we have guests - so I am sitting here reading a couple of blogs before the guest comes. Bliss.

  2. I always struggle planning meals! Must get myself some cookbooks :)

  3. What a wonderful idea. Lucky you. And lucky him 6 days out of 7!

    1. Exactly - he has a lovely meal cooked for him every day!

  4. How fantastic is that? And Sue, you're seriously jammy!!! I never get a night off cooking and it would certainly never happen if we were having guests. The best I can hope for is the suggestion of a takeaway, but to be honest that rarely happens, as I don't really like them. Can't win really.

  5. Wow, I've never thought of it like that. That's a lot of meals for us to be preparing. I am constantly shopping and cooking , mostly because I'm disorganised and must get a meal planner. Please let us know of any quick and easy recipes, I'm always in the market for those!

  6. I've never really thought of it as 365 meals - but now I am and it's rather daunting! Lucky you to have the hubby as cook tonight - do you get to have a say in what he cooks or will you just have to eat what he puts in front of you? Maybe take a photo one Saturday night! Hope there wasn't too much tidying in the kitchen to be done! xx

    1. It's the thing I find most overwhelming - the feeding of the minions! He cooks 2 things - chilli or curry so my menu plan for this year will say chilli or curry every Sat night I suspect!!! We had a chicken curry - what else could I get him to learn to cook? Suggestions please!! And I made him clean up his mess - is that too mean? X

  7. Oh blimey I wish you hadn't put it like that, sounds awful to think how many dinners need cooking! My husband will cook occasionally but the mess is horrendous!