Friday, 25 January 2013

Quick and Easy Recipe

 Frugal Friday - Chicken in Breadcrumbs

 My kids love these chicken pieces and it is one of those meals that I do as an alternative to the shop freezer meals . They are inexpensive to make. I got my chicken from Lidls this time - 100% British and less than £5 for two packs. This made enough for a meal for five and a sandwich snack for the boys the following day. One pack would be plenty for a family of four.


Small chicken fillets 
Olive Oil


Place the chicken fillets inbetween two pieces of greaseproof paper and bash knock gently with the end of a rolling pin ( or similar) . They need to be fairly thin ( about 2mm). 

Place the breadcrumbs in a bowl and season with seasalt and a little pepper
Place the milk in another bowl.
Dip the chicken in the milk, then dip in the breadcrumbs until evenly covered.
Lay on a baking sheet until all are done.

Warm a little Olive oil in a pan , add the chicken a few at a time and fry gently on each side until brown and cooked through ( about 3 mins each side). 
keep warm in the oven until all pieces are cooked. You can wipe the pan between each turn if you wish.

Serve with fresh veg and mash in the Winter or salad in the summer months.

You could grill these with a dash of olive oil if you didn't want to fry them .

Yum. Also gorgeous in homemade rye rolls with crispy lettuce and tomato chutney.

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  1. It's so simple really but I never think to try something like this with breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbing things always takes cooking up a faff notch for me but at least I know what to do with the heels of the bread which no one wants now. Would be lovely in a pitta pocket with salad and some kind of salsa. Yum.

  2. Must try this would be lovely with sweet chilli sauce

  3. They look lovely. I have just taken yur advice andmanaged a two week meal planner.

    1. Well done! It does make things easier! X

  4. I have to try this recipe because the meal looks so yummy! Thanks for posting :)