Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Step Forward

And two steps back...

Well that's how it feels at the moment! We are frantically clearing out garages and getting rid of as much clutter as we can in preparation for the builders to start in a few weeks. We have cleared one garage and made a good start on the second. Whilst lifting items I turned my ankle and have been hobbling ever since. Then , on the coldest day of the year so far our boiler decides to break. My eldest boy also developed a nasty cold and extreme asthma so we are huddled in the lounge by the log burner, actually rather toasty, waiting to see if the boiler can be mended. I just don't have the inclination to tackle jobs outside in this weather or inside away from the warmth of the fire!  Not big problems in the scale of things I know , but......

I feel like I have run out of steam before the work has even started.

We have a few days off to look forward to though. Each year we can have a company weekend away funded by the business. Although we can't get childcare for a whole weekend, this year we are having a couple of meals out and a day without children on Saturday. 

This always recharges my batteries.

Much as I adore my three kids they can run me ragged and as winter seems to be dragging it's heels this year I am feeling like I need a bit of breathing space.

We are going to have a mooch around a few shops child free and look at a oven I have my eye on for the new kitchen. It will be nice to see it in the flesh. This will cheer me up no end :) 

Small things I know, but that's what makes all the difference!

Here are some great quotes on small things for your amusement:

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."  Vincent Van Gogh

"If you cannot do great things do small things in a great way."  Napoleon Hill

"For the person whom small things do not exist , the great is not great." Jose Ortega Y Gassett

"Be faithful in the small things because it is in them your strength lies."  Mother Teresa

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  1. I hope you get everything done for the builders. I am currently clearing my house as well, as we'd like to move or at least get it up for sale by the end of the year and there is so much to do. With two young loud girls, it's not always easy to get some space for peace, but I try. I hope you find some too!! xx

  2. Great quotes!

    It sounds as though you definitely need a little break from the drudgery of clutter clearing! Take care of that ankle, and your son! Things will be brighter soon.

    Sue xo

  3. Sounds like you need a bit of a break Claire - hope your boy is feeling better now and your ankle is on the mend - no break dancing for you this weekend! I feel like I'm constantly two steps backwards with things anyway - it's nigh on impossible to get on top of everything all of the time! Us mums do the 'run ragged' thing all too well! I've heard that Mother Theresa quote before - maybe it was in RE! xx

  4. I love the quotes, Hang in there Claire.....
    You do need a break! Hope you boy is doing better.
    Be careful with that leg injury. I'm still recovering from an injury last month....I did the same thing and its still not back to normal. Be careful with, rest.