Sunday, 17 March 2013

Charity Shops

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The thing I love about Charity Shop shopping is that you never know what you are going to find. This always surprises me about myself as I am a bit of a planner - I like to know what is happening next.

I love the fact that you can find a little treasure snuggled in amongst a whole load of what, lets be honest, are other people's hand me downs, for £1.50.

Some Charity Shops are really savvy now about their pricing and sometimes unfairly so with items from Primark as much as they were full price. However, we have a few little gems where we are and I hit the right day last week. Someone had obviously recently dropped off with similar taste to mine and I came away with some bargains!

I think the older I get the less inclined I am to go around dressed the same as everyone else . I don't have the budget to buy designer everytime. When I do, it is a treat saved up for and cherished for many a year!

When I buy on the high street I am always so conscious that I might be turning up at the school playground in the same top or coat as the next Mum.  I try and think how items will fit into my wardrobe and whether they will stick out like a sore thumb as a particular brand too. I don't like items that cry "Look at me I'm from........" 

 Clothes can be such a important statement you make, but....

I prefer to write my own rules and wear what I love and what I'm comfortable in.

Shopping at charity shops allow you to find an item that might not have been a one off a few years ago, but is now and all for under £5. It just takes a bit of patience. Here is the post I wrote about getting the best out of your charity shop.

Here are a couple of my homeware items that I have got this week. A brand new (was £14) coffee cup for £4. This shall go in my present drawer. A gorgeous mottled grey Poole vase for my new kitchen. I just couldn't walk away from this.

When buying clothes I look out for colours I love, styles that catch my eye and brand names.

My favourite was this brightly coloured top from Wallis. My hubby said he wouldn't lose me in this, but who cares what he thinks, I love it! 

I'm not sure what I found so funny in this photo, but you get the idea with the top . Looking forward to getting some colour on those arms before I venture out in this! It is lined and fitted with a hidden side zip. All for £2.00. 

Is a good thing or a bad thing that the older you get the less you care about what people think?

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  1. You had a very successful shopping trip, indeed! Looks like some lovely tops for Spring. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  2. I need you to come Charity Shop shopping with me ! I never find fab clothes. Looking good. X

  3. Isn't it fun to go on a treasure hunt!! I also posted some home items I found at Goodwill along with my jacket! I think the thrill of the hunt is 80% of the fun!! You look great in this outfit...I really love the scarf!

  4. Love this post, Claire. I am a big fan of thrift shopping. There are so many Goodwill stores here filled with hidden treasures.
    You found some marvelous treasures.
    I love all of the tops, your outfit and the vase.
    I like the adventure and surprise of it all.

  5. I loce charity shop shopping. I have found a Toast coat, Boden shirt (with the label still on), Zara dress and Joe Brown dress in the past year.

  6. You always find great pieces Claire.Lovely photos....nice to see the sun shining too,still very cold over here though! Have a good week:)
    ~Anne xx

  7. To echo Anne, you do manage to bag yourself some choice pics. The one thing I was going to ask - do you get to try on or do you just take a chance with some of the items and hope that they will fit?

    1. If I'm not sure about it I will try it on - if it looks clean!! Tops I can usually tell by looking , but trousers and dresses I would probably try . Shoes I always try on. I have seen people take clothes back for a refund because they don't fit - seems a bit over the top to me unless you have paid a lot for it of course! Most charity shops have changing rooms with curtains and mirrors and clean their items with a steam cleaner before putting them out. I didn't try any of this lot on and they all fit great.

  8. You did really well. I especially like the last top - really lovely on you.

  9. You look gorgeous. Love finding great items at Charity shops. Really great. Have a wonderful week xx

  10. Hi there! I am a great lover of charity shopping and getting bargains from the boot sale- I like higher end high street and designer finds for a fraction of the cost this way. Your finds are lovely, well done!

  11. You really have got an eye for it Claire - I like the bright top from Wallis - really suits you! I bought a few bits from the High Street recently -am still stuck in the grey/black/neutral zone - I'm sure everyone will be wearing the same togs as me out and about! In answer to your final question - I think it can only be a good thing! xx

  12. Very pretty combinations, and a lovely, slim silhouette. Glad to see you smiling, too! Pretty!

    I do still care what other people think about what I'm wearing, only in that I try to dress for the occasion when it's important. Sort of respectful dressing. Beyond that? Nope. You're right!

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  14. Great finds! I can never seem to find any good stuff on charity shops, there's a "trendy" one opened near to my house and I've popped in but as you say it's all supermarket stuff and primark so not worth getting at all. However you've now inspired me so I will make more of an effort to take a good look! X