Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Making a Few Pounds.

£ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £

I have been listing items on e.bay again. I must admit to having a love/hate relationship with this activity. I love getting things sold on and out of the house, but the reality of listing them, taking the photos, labelling and packaging them up and posting them out isn't my favourite way to spend an afternoon. However, I have made £130 with my first load I sold so am encouraged to list the second batch. Every bit counts towards some pots and pans, cushions or pictures for my new room.

Here are my top ten tips for selling on e.bay:

  • Only list about 10 items at any one time. If you have more items than that finishing at the same time you will have too many to pack up and drag to the PO.
  • When you list the items, prepare all of your packaging beforehand so you don't get caught out. I keep a supply of bubble wrap, celloptape and mail bags at the ready. I find Wilkinsons to be good quality , but a reasonable price.
  • List items when they are on a "free insertion fee" weekend. This adds up and if you don't sell your item you haven't been charged anything.
  • Buy some large storage bags to keep all your items together and tidy. It becomes really frustrating having items all over the house. I use these.
  • Photos, photos, photos and more photos. Clear and varied. This is what will sell your item. People like to see what they are buying.
  • Give a true and honest description. 
  • Write a great title so your item gets noticed in searches - include the key words relevant to your item.
  • Leave feedback only after the buyer has left feedback for you.If a buyer has a query or complaint after a sale, deal with it professionally - nothing is worth a big argument that you are unlikely to win. Move on. Don't bother with giving negative feedback . You will only receive it back.
  • Sign up to the Resolution Centre that e.bay has. They will deal with non payers. Once a case is active non payers cannot leave you negative feedback.
  • Include the price of your packaging in your postage costs or you will end up out of pocket. Update: A useful site is Royal Mail Price Finder .
I wrote a post when I first started selling on e.bay here.

Don't get put off if no one bids straight away. Most of my items sell on the last day. Check how many people are "watching" your item and how many page views you have had. This is a better indication of if your item will sell or not.

I have found it a fantastic way to make some money and have paid for all sorts of extra items this past year. Yes it takes time and work, but so worth it.

 Right off to list my next lot. Here is the link to my e.bay if you want a look!!

Happy Bidding!

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  1. I'm curious as to how you work out the postage? Do you check out packages in the PO first? I realise that the weight has a rate, but aren't there additional costs also for the bulkiness of a package? Curious, because I've never sold on eBay, but am very tempted to start. Helen

    1. I find most of my items are ok to go 2nd class that keep the postage down. If they are too heavy you can opt for parcel post. The really bulky items ( furniture) I haven't attempted to offer delivery on - so just say collection only. They usually sell too! Royal Mail do a site to calculate postage according to weight and size of your parcel ( package or letter etc) . Here is that site. http://www.royalmail.com/price-finder
      I usually check what other people are charging for similar items too. I include the price of the envelope as well which I tend to buy quite cheaply - unless I run out and have to get them quick!! Hope that helps Helen - go for it. Just try one or two things first. I've made nearly £1000 over the last year selling things I would usually give away - funds my handbag addiction!! Ha! Xxx

    2. I've put a link above on the e.bay post that will take you to the price finder page ! x

    3. Thanks a million Claire. That's really helpful. £1000?? I'm definitely going to give it a shot. Will let you know how I get on!! Helenx

    4. I spent some of it back on e.bay though - thats the temptation. We've sold loads of bundles of kids clothes - they sell well - or branded goods and clothes. I paid for my ipad out of my e.bay sales last year! I'm up to £150 this time round so doing ok so far!! Good luck - go for it and let me know how you get on!

  2. This is great, I sell items on ebay and have enjoyed it so far. And it's really nice to see space forming in my house as well after I send them all away. I've had one person that has annoyed me only so far. And a postage problem, but it was all sorted out and all is great now. I should have done it a long time ago really. xx

  3. I agree it is a complete pain in the backside and there are some awful buyers out there and I have been at their mercy a few times. I'd rather do a bootfair, shame you have to get up so early!

    1. It can be - it's a shame you've had some awful buyers! They are out there. I deal with it by blocking any unpayers or people who act badly from bidding ( you can name them) . I've had a really good run lately - hope that doesn't jinx me!! I'm doing a carboot with the stuff I don't think will sell on e.bay - it is piling up in the end of the lounge and needs to go. I made £160 last time . It is early though :(

  4. Nice job on your sales! Ebay never really worked for me but I like to sell through classifieds and Facebook yard sales.

  5. We sold our first item on ebay recently and someone overseas tried to scam us - typical (I very nearly emailed you because I know you're an ebay expert!) - eventually we got a genuine buyer but it's put my husband off for now! I should really find the time to try it out again and will definitely take on board you tips! xx

    1. Thats's horrid - poor you! I have had non payers, but only for a few pounds so let e.bay deal with it so it's stress free. I block overseas from bidding from the start as I don't want the hassle of posting overseas at the moment - is that mean? I don't know... I try and keep it really simple as I just want to make a bit of money and get rid of stuff! Do try it again if you can bear to !! Xx

  6. I've just recently decided to give eBay selling a go and I'm a little bit hooked! I have to say- having the app on my iPhone makes the whole process a lot easier too. Thanks for all the tips- with £1000 stuff sold this year you're clearly an expert!

    1. I'm not an expert - although I'd like to be!! I am hooked as well - you can make some money out of things you usually throw away. I still give to charity but I pick and choose now. The £1000 is over last year up till now , not just this year unfortunately!! That would have been very nice. I'm up to £150 ish this this year though so not bad so far!! Good luck with your sales Emma!! X