Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Returning to the Workplace.

Today is the day.

Today I am stepping back into the workplace for the first time after almost a decade.

I am certain that my fears are the same as many women who have followed the road I have travelled. A career woman turned stay at home mum, at the beck and call of everyone's wants and needs at the drop of hat, but willing done. The plans I had turned topsy turvey by the depth of adoration that welled up in me for my three children.

I was completely undone and all plans to return went out of the window.

So here I am in a position never planned for, changed as a teacher by the years at home. I understand now the fussy mothers at the gate, the clingy children and the tears. The time has softened me . 

Every child is someone's baby. 

Each mother is some child's everything. 

All deserving of that one element we are so short of - time.

I am nervous. No.. not so much nervous, but apprehensive that I can be accepted now like I was. So much changes and I am sure the teachers are looking younger now! I know I need to take a little of my own advice that I give to my musicians.... 

Confidence doesn't happen, you have to take hold of it with both hands.

I have given myself an easy route in. My first few weeks are voluntary work as an assistant in two local schools. This buys me some time to catch up a little, enter this other world, observe and learn.

So...... I will take confidence with both hands give it my best shot.

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  1. Your life experience as a mother can only improve your teaching and the care you will have for the children you teach. You are going to be all the better for it, don't ever doubt that xx

  2. Good luck! Hope all goes well for you :)

  3. Hi Claire,
    How did your day go? Hope it was fun! I also hope that we will still have time for our coffee dates!!
    My day... Not so good!!!

    1. It was good - I forget that kids say the funniest things! Coffee soon - promise, promise, promise! XXX

  4. What a great way to get back to the chalkface. I am not sure you need to be a mother to be a great teacher but I certainly think it helps when it comes to supporting the parents.

  5. Hope it all went ok Claire? You'll find your feet in no time at all I bet! (Everyone looks younger to me these days - not just teachers!). Let us all know how you went on when you have time! xx

  6. I hope you had a wonderful first day back at work Claire.

  7. Hope your first day back went okay for you and what a great idea to break yourself in gently as a TA for a couple of weeks first to get the measure of things. I'm sure the kids loved Ms Appleby.

  8. Hope it went well Claire! I know EXACTLY how you feel- I too was a teacher and feel that I'd be very different going back- changed by motherhood is an excellent way of putting it! Good luck xx

    1. Thank you. Yes, I think it has made me a better teacher - I'm less task focussed. More interested in the child I think!